225,000 Jailbroken iPhone Accounts Hacked Racking Up Charges on Affected User iTunes Accounts

Posted on September 01, 2015 by .

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Apple has long been the quintessential king for securing their devices and safeguarding them against hacking. As a turn events will have it, the iPhones and iOS devices that have been jailbroken, in the number of over 225,000 devices, have had their accounts hacked recently.

Jailbreaking has been a method for owners to access parts of a phone’s file system that is otherwise restricted for security reasons. Additionally, jailbreaking has been a popularized method to open up iPhones and other iOS devices so users may run 3rd party software or apps and do things outside of the iTunes and Apple infrastructure of “controlled” and approved apps. You can think of jailbreaking as a means of turning an iPhone into an open device much like smartphones running Android.

On the flip side of and consequences of jailbreaking an iPhone, it makes it vulnerable to malware that may be obtained through 3rd party apps downloaded and run on the jailbroken device. Such has happened recently where about 20,000 people have downloaded malicious software that is allowing them to steal account information from over 225,000 iPhone users who have their device jailbroken and vulnerable to attacks.

Hackers are rather clever in just about everything they do with some extra thought put into it. As such, hackers have uploaded software that lets other people purchase iTunes apps for free using victimized accounts belonging to Jailbroken iPhone users. Many of the victimized individuals report that their iTunes purchase history is now full of purchased they did not make themselves. The commonality among the users, reaching over 225,000 folks in total, are all using jailbroken iPhones or a jailbroken iPad.

Sometimes, as some may say now, jailbreaking an iPhone is just not worth the open customization benefits when it comes to a recent hacking attack like this. Jailbreaking your iPhone goes against Apple rules, and the purchases made against the users may have a hard time defending their case.

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