3D TV May Cause Major Headaches, But It May Save the Tech Industry

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Some say 3D TV will save the day, while others claim it only cause major headaches.

Some say 3D TV will save the day, while others claim it only cause major headaches.

Doctors claim 3D TV may cause avid television watchers major headaches, while others believe 3D TV may be the savior of the technology industry.

Amid the financial crisis plunging the technology industry into recession, 3D television will provide one of the key means of lifting it out of the doldrums, tech experts predict. 3D TV has been described as a savior and experts believe it may offer a promising future, after a survey revealed that around 3.4 million 3D TV’s will sold in the United States this year alone.

2009 was a year none of us want to repeat, says Gary Shapiro, the President of the Consumer Electronics Association which hosted an annual tech gathering in Las Vegas. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show hosted many of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers to put the latest 3D television sets on display. The association expects the consumer electronics industry to earn a slight revenue increase of 0.3 percent in the coming year. The rise of $440 million will take expected revenues to $165.3 billion.

Revenues for the consumer electronics industry dropped almost 8 percent in 2009, which was the first decline in 20 years. LG, Samsung and Sony will be the main manufacturers to release 3D models expected to cost about $3,000. Viewers will still need to wear polarized dark glasses to experience broadcasts in three dimensions.

Meanwhile, doctors say people who are thinking about purchasing a new 3D television, should get their eyes checked first. Doctors at Northwestern University and the University of Rochester have warned that people may experience severe headaches after watching 3D TV. The technology has seen a surge of support lately, from the success of the Avatar movie to the unveiling of new three dimensional television sets.

Still, even medical experts admit no official studies have been done to determine if headaches occur when watching 3D TV.

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