Android Trojan Svpeng Used by Cybercrooks In Mobile Phishing Campaigns

Posted on December 04, 2013 by .

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Creators of the Svpeng Android Trojan (Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Svpeng) have enhanced the malware to be used in aggressive mobile phishing attacks where users are forced into relinquishing login and password details.

Mobile devices infected with the Svpeng Trojan are known to launch a banking app of a major Russian financial institution. From there, the Trojan injects a phishing page to have users enter their login information but it will essentially take that login and record it so the creators of the Trojan can access the specific account.

The old technique of phishing computer user’s banking login details is still something that works for cybercrooks. Now, these crooks are taking the mobile platform wave to ride it with aggressive Trojan horse infections that aid in phishing out banking login details.

The discovery of this recent Trojan has lead researchers to find that the Svpeng Trojan has more up its sleeve. Not only does it steal online banking logins but it is able to send SMS messages to major Russian banks to see if there are credit cards attached to the infected phone’s number. Not only is Svpeng sneaky in its phishing methods, but it expands the possibilities of cybercrooks ripping off users in more ways than one using credit cards, in addition to their banking accounts.

So far about 50 variations of the threat have been identified by security researchers, mainly at Kaspersky. For now Android users are being warned to be cautious of the 3rd party apps that they download or messages received containing links to uncertain sites.

Android exploits and malware are growing at unheard of rates, and we must all be vigilant in our efforts to keep our Android devices clean and free from threats like these, which obviously lead to utter destruction and loss of money.

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