Angry Twitter App-Developers Chat About How to Replace Twitter

Posted on April 14, 2010 by .

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twitter-dead-2How do you access Twitter? Do you go directly to or are you like me and use some type of Twitter app on your cell phone or computer that access Twitter for you?

Did you know that many of the developers behind those Twitter apps are rather upset due to the way Twitter is acting? For example, Fred Wilson, Twitters top investor, called many of the developer apps for Twitter “hole-fillers” and that Twitter would be better off making them for itself. Well, it does not quite sit well with the developers and it has prompted them to become angry and plan secret meetings on how to replace Twitter. Ultimately, Twitter is planning on using its popularity to crush the developers instead of supporting them.

You can’t replace Twitter or can you? The developers and investors feel like they are the reason Twitter is as popular as it is today. Two of the sources that are involved with the Twitter app have explained to sources that they plan on having a secret meeting to discuss “an open alternative” to Twitter. This secret meeting will take place before Twitter holds its first ever developers conference this week.

The code name for the meeting is called “Project Shark” or “Angry shark eat big fat #fail whales” as the source explains. The purpose for the meeting is to first get more coordinated at the opposition, then talk about things they want from Twitter which is better access to the API and more transparency, and then finally talk about an open alterative.

Do you think this will initiate the demise of Twitter as we know it?

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