Apple Mac Computer Sales Reach Record High As iPad Continues to Slip

Posted on October 28, 2015 by .

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The news is buzzing about how Apple Mac computers are making a serious insurgence on the PC industry with selling a record 5.7 machines to customers worldwide in the September 2015 quarter.

Another major milestone has been reached for Apple with the sales of Mac computers account for 20 million more in an Apple fiscal year.

To put things in perspective, Apple sold 20.6 million Macs in the last 4 quarters, or within one year’s time previously. In just the last quarter (3 months) with September 2015 as the cutoff, apple has sold 5.7 Macs which would yield a higher number if you multiply that by a four, which would be a full year of those sales. That puts Apple over their high of 20.6 million in a year’s time by a considerable amount.

While Mac unit sales were up by about 3.4% from the previous year, iPad sales are dismal and continue a downward slump. One while some experts thought that iPad sales would trump Mac computer sales, and they did only for a short interim. Now, iPad unit sales are down 19.8%, and revenue is off by 19.6%. iPads only accounted for 8.3% of Apple’s total for the quarter, the smallest amount ever recorded since the first quarter of 2011, which was just under a year after the iPad’s conception and release date.

As you would expect, Apple is downplaying their dismal iPad sales over the last seven quarters, which has returned nothing but a downward spin for the popular tablet. While the overall earnings of Apple remain strong, there is speculation surround as to why the iPad has turned into the redheaded stepchild for the brand when you look at overall sales as of late.

Some speculate on the idea of iPad sales declining is that people are well satisfied with their previous iPad purchase and have no need to “upgrade” and may overlook the iPad Pro due to its high cost relative to a Mac computer, desktop or Macbook.

There may be many reasons as to the decline of iPad sales. Though, with a rising sales force among Mac computers, Apple could be emerging into a new territory where Windows based PCs are starting to show a decline in new adoption rates with Apple Mac computers with record adoption rates. Only time will tell as we have no choice but to sit this one out and await the forthcoming results. Not to mention, with the holidays approaching there will be new indicators as to what consumers are looking for and if the iPad will have new sales life sparked back into it or if Mac computers will simply dominate.

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