Apple Mac OS Desktop Adoption Steadily Rising

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For as long as there’s been Apple Mac computers, users have pondered over the idea of moving to the other side to adopt what Mac OS has to offer. In recent observations and studies, it is revealed that the adoption rate for users moving to an Apple Mac OS Desktop is steadily rising, especially among universities and their employees.

A particular enterprise that is seeing rising numbers for the adoption rate of Apple Mac OS is the University of Nevada at Reno. At such a University students and employees have the freedom to choose the Windows OS or Mac OS. From a recent examination, it was discovered that about 14% of the faculty alone is now using the Apple desktop.

Steve LeBlanc, a support technician at the University of Nevada at Reno said, “More and more people are using iPhones and iPads, and when their cycle comes up to replace their desktops they are going Apple.”

There is no speculation as to the costs of Apple Mac computers. The fact and idea that they may cost a bit more than their Windows PC counterparts is nothing secretive. However, Universities such as at Nevada at Reno have been playing catch-up to manage its growing Apple inventory.

Aside from the long-touted user-friendliness of Mac OS X over the years, the life cycle of computers has naturally extended to about six years, which helps Apple in consideration of a consumer’s investment. Mac growth is by no means slowing. If anything, the emergence of iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and their support infrastructure has aided to the growth of the Mac Desktop world.

Enterprise adoption for Apple has always suffered, for many obvious reasons. However, in recent years Apple has made serious headway with enterprise use where some large companies and corporations want to cater to the Millennials in the workplace. As you may know, Millennials envelope a strong fast-growing demographic for Mac ownership. Think of it as the new-age “hip” thing to invest in – something touting that famous Apple logo.

The Android platform along with the few alternatives to Windows PC desktops has come and gone for its adoption in enterprise and many other common environments. If you were to ask experts for the reason, the simple answer would be because of security. Simply put, Android and other alternatives lack the proper security to be even considered in enterprise environments or anything remotely as demanding. Apple knows a thing or two about security and is brightly shining and growing in enterprise environments.

Lastly, Apple’s profit margin and ridiculous revenue figures have allowed them to focus on building high-quality products. High-quality computers mean a better viability within companies to carry on everyday business without hiccups that cost money. Apple Mac OS means save money, which means a better RIO – everyone is happy – buy a Mac.

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