Avatar Movie Sequel to Have Digital Attraction and a Major Push in Innovation Thanks to HP

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Big tech companies and groundbreaking Hollywood blockbusters are synonymous. The movie Avatar was no secret as to the intricate details that were filled in with high-powered computers and advanced GCI animation. It just so happens that the upcoming and the recently announced sequel to Avatar will be made possible by HP (Hewlett Packard) and turned into a digital online experience like nothing you have seen before.

The digital experience for Avatar 2 will entail innovation at its best which Avatar producer Jon Landau exclaimed, “It’s going to be a different level of interactivity than digital experiences currently offer,” said Landau, in an interview. “It’s going to take many different forms.”

For now the details on how “detailed” the digital experience will be scarce. With a release currently set for December 2017, Avatar 2 and its digital online experience are envisioned as a platform customized around what the end user wants. Through the use of HP tools and their hybrid cloud platform dubbed Helion, the experience should be rather groundbreaking and have a high level of interaction.

20th Century Fox is said to push HP to new levels and work with them closely on the project as they have already had a long experience with them. In this, they will be able to drive innovation. Already, as you may know, the original Avatar film was like no other and the forward-thinking innovation that was already paved is sure to blow minds when HP and the new movie makers push the envelope even further.

Landau has mentioned that the Avatar film and its “experience” shouldn’t end with the final credits. Instead, we think that Avatar 2 and the follow-up online digital experience will be something that could set forth a new foundation for what way movies are made and presented. You could almost place this in a category with movies like The Matrix. Time will be the tell all – as will new technological advancements that HP has up their sleeves in the next two years.

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