Big Brother Google is Watching You

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google-is-watching Whether we like it or not Google might as well be the God of cyberspace. Google’s somewhat godly cyber-status has been swirling in my head for some time now, especially since the recent uproar surrounding Google Buzz, Google’s China problem and lawsuits about online privacy.

Google scares me. Google knows everything and if you use Google and it’s applications, it probably knows a hell of a lot about you too. The core of Google’s business is its search engine, which means it already knows your searching habits.

If you search “weight loss” or “weight gain” or for some sort of “unknown” disease, Google knows. Then, of course, there is Gmail, where you send/receive your personal emails. Google Talk, the instant messaging application, and Google Buzz, its micro-blogging social network application, which are both built into Gmail. This means the people you email, even if it’s just once, get added to your Google Talk and Google Buzz list even if you don’t want to speak to them.

Imagine if you had a scary stalker that emailed you constantly and he or she was added to your Google Buzz and Google Talk accounts? Thanks Google! No wonder in Canada Google’s Buzz prompted a privacy review. Supposedly, Buzz has some controversial aspects such as the feature that automatically finds users to follow based on your email correspondence. That in itself is would cause me to worry, how about you? Other applications such as Google Docs really raises a concern of privacy. I know that I would not like anyone snooping into my financial information that could be stored on a Google Doc, that would be ridiculous.

With Google’s new GPS system, Google Navigator, Google knows exactly where you’re going at any given time. What about your online privacy. Well, what about it? Google has faced criticism in regards to privacy especially since the release of the Google Chrome browser. It would be logical to say that Google will know every website you visit and every word or phrase you type on the location bar. All this data will be associated with your Google Account. If you watch videos online, there’s YouTube, where you can broadcast yourself to the world, and to Google too.

All of Google’s services are free, which is cool because the free services allow many eyes on advertising. Another concern is that if you’re having an argument with your partner on Gmail, an advertisement may show up for divorce lawyers. Scary? I think yes.

Recently, Google announced it would also become an Internet Service Provider. For a low price, Google will be able to own all your information on the Internet and determine how you connect to the Internet.

And if you act now, you may get free Google Energy! That’s right, Google has linked with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to buy and sell energy as well.

Ignoring Google’s services and using others is an option, but one could end up in the same trap. The biggest issue is that everything someone can do on the Internet is controlled by a small group of corporations. And Google just happens to be the biggest of them all, so you do the math… soon we will all be good Google-fearing cyber citizens.

Are you scared of Google? Let us know your thoughts about privacy online by commenting below.

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