Computer Games and Consoles Revolutionized: Happy 30th Birthday to Nintendo NES

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It’s hard to believe that it has been 30 years since our beloved Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) came to fruition.

The NES has been one of the most famous video game consoles ever and some believe it revolutionized the gaming and computer industry as we know it. As everyone celebrates the 30 year anniversary of NES, we rejoice in knowing that even today it is still relevant.

October 18, 1985, Apple was some interesting fruit but bared the name of a tech giant that was about to make some additional noise aimed at IBM. The 80s was half way over, but the world didn’t know what hit them for the gaming world as the Nintendo Entertainment System went on sale captivating kids and adults like nothing else.

It was a literal duck hunt on who could get the highest score on the initial introductory games. The future was bright, and it was powered by the NES and your TV. For the next 10 years, the NES console would continue to go on and evolve into something that many other companies attempted to replicate in their own fashion. Some stuck to the wall while others fell down to the ground, dead on the scene.

Think of the revolutionary part of the NES and what we got out of it in the next three decades after its creation. Today the NES still sells as a “classic” console and is emulated on many computers and smartphones. Out from the NES birthed a new virtual gaming movement where Sony and Microsoft took a big piece but they are still playing long side of Nintendo with its latest Wii.

As a celebration and hat tip to the original NES, the video below highlights all of the major games of its time for a full 10 minutes. We know you remember many of them. Name a few of your favorite below!

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