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The future of communication… Imagine that! [Video]

Posted on October 22 2010 by .

As much as this video is a prediction for things to come, it could very well be a reality. And with technology changing faster now than it ever has, it may happen sooner than we think. Check it: What are your thoughts on the demise of media as it is today. Share your comments below: Continue Reading

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Ridiculously cool tech: Picture this! [Video]

Posted on October 07 2010 by .

This groundbreaking technology is a computer system which has the ability to use photographs from all over Internet of a specific object, building, place, etc. and merge them all to give users one in-depth image. Well, words cannot really describe what this new system is capable of. You have to check out this video to [...] Continue Reading

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Google Video puts Chrome to the Test. Must See!

Posted on May 06 2010 by .

Google wanted to show the world the speed of the new Chrome Browser rather than merely just telling us about it. To do this they compiled a cool video showing exactly how fast web pages can load in Chrome. The web pages load at 2 700 frames per second and the speed tests were filmed [...] Continue Reading

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Mobile Computing Minus the Hardware

Posted on April 14 2010 by .

Groundbreaking new technology is eliminating the need for bulky computers and gadgets. Imagine using your hands to manipulate a computer screen you simply drew on a wall with your fingertips, or using the palm of your hand to make a phone call, and capturing a photo by merely using your fingers to frame your desired [...] Continue Reading

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Just Bump Phones to Swop Digits… It’s that Easy!

Posted on April 01 2010 by .

The days of manually typing someone’s details onto your phone are over. Bump has arrived! Bump is a new application for Android and iPhones and people everywhere have started using it to get to know each other. Exchanging contact information, sharing photos, and even become friends on Facebook, has never been this easy. The demonstration [...] Continue Reading

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Chat Easy with Mobile Platforms for Social Apps

Posted on March 12 2010 by .

Accessing all your social networks on your mobile is becoming easier thanks to media platforms. These days no one really belongs to just one social network. So it makes sense to consolidate these communications, rather than opening a different application everytime you want to update your status or chat to your friends. We found some [...] Continue Reading

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