Emoji Passcode App Bids to Replace Traditional Pin Numbers and Passwords

Posted on June 19, 2015 by .

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Let’s face it, remembering pin numbers and passwords are a real pain. In today’s social network-driven world where our lives thrive virtually on the internet, we must remember multiple passwords regardless of certain types of software attempting to manage a vast utopia of passcodes. As an answer to the daunting task of remembering passwords, a British financial services tech firm is announcing Emoji Passcode, a mobile app that allows users to access online accounts by typing in emoji-based pins and passwords.

Emojis have long been that friendly-looking icon on many platforms, mostly used on social networks, text messages or other contextual forms of communication through our internet waves. Uses of emoji icons have conveyed many different things from a simple smiley face to a devil with horns, the possibilities with such graphical icons are nearly endless. To boot, the combinations that can be formed using emojis as pin combinations surpasses how many permutations you can get out of a short pin number.

The clever use of emojis as passwords is nearly ingenious. Some people will retain the combination of emojis better than they would with simple letter and number combinations. It would prove those with a visual learning curve to quickly adopt such a concept.

Emoji Passcode would be a new way for companies who have online logins to give their consumers new options and potentially a better way of safeguarding their account and personal information. Additionally, Emoji Passcode could replace traditional pin numbers used on certain platforms and who knows, it could be a new way of accessing an ATM machine on a local scale.

The principals behind Emoji Passcode seem to be worthy of implementation in some of the highest levels of security over the internet. The promotional video below reiterates the potential effectiveness and security of what the developers and marketers of Emoji Passcode have in store. The question is, would you give it a try and ultimately trust it?

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