Facebook Aims To Relay News Faster with Instant Articles Feature

Posted on May 13, 2015 by .

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Let’s face it, Facebook is taking over whatever little bit of free that that we have through the day. The over-1-billion-strong social network giant is aiming to replace your daily news feed by promising faster news on its mobile apps using their service called Instant Articles.

The modern Internet has amazing ways of relaying information to us nearly at the speed of light. Media outlets have their sites and tools that send you alerts or sometimes pop-ups of new stories or breaking news throughout the world. Facebook, as you may have already noticed, has its choice news feed that runs through the day in a column. As it turns out, the heads at Facebook believe that news isn’t fast enough and their needs to be something that is lightning fast to deliver your news, an Instant Articles features.

In a blog post this week, Facebook said that Instant Articles promise to change the “slow” 8 seconds to load up new news stories, which is considered as unacceptable.

Through the new Instant Articles feature launching on Facebook for iPhone, there will be a special set of stories published by The New York Times, BuzzFeed, National Geographic, NBC and The Atlantic. Among others, there will be published stories from BBC News, The Guardian, Bild, and Spiegel.

The goal for Facebook in their Instant Articles feature is to get users to come back more often to its app and not just view the walls to see what their friends are doing or posting. From the latest calculations, Facebook is said to have about 85% of its total number of users accessing the social network from a mobile device. In total, Facebook has about 798 million mobile users, up 31% year-on-year. The growth rate we are looking at from the last year’s number is about 17%. WHOA!

“Communication and information at the speed of light,” a statement that used to be a pipe dream is becoming a reality and Facebook is attempting to lead the way. Instant Articles is just another prime example of how the new social world of the Internet is reshaping our lives and the progression of technology as a whole. With a new Instant Articles platform, Facebook could rake in additional revenue from ads that surround such services. Additionally, other entities like Verizon are capitalizing on rollouts of Instant Articles, as it will only heighten data transfer and register a larger revenue flow for “providers.”

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