Facebook vs. Google: Commencing a Social Network or Search Engine War?

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Facebook and Google Commencing a Social Network or Search Engine War?

Facebook and Google Commencing a Social Network or Search Engine War?

More than likely you are already one of the almost 500 million users of Facebook, the largest online social network, and you have probably wondered if there is any competition for Facebook in sight.

You do not have to look too far to find a potential future competitor to Facebook, you may be using one of their products right now if you are “searching” the internet.

As far as immediate competition there really isn’t any unless you consider Twitter a type of competition or maybe the dwindling Myspace.com social site “old” competition. On the horizon you have Google which everyone knows is “THE SEARCH ENGINE” for the whole internet but did you know they are planning a Google social network, codenamed “Google Me”?

According to certain sources from a former Facebook CTO and Quora (a social networking site that aggregates questions and answers on various topics) co-founder, Google is modeling a “first-class social network” off of Facebook. The project comes has a high priority matter as Google expects Facebook’s growth to taper off. If you look at recent statistics, Facebook’s growth has done everything but taper off. That may push Google to roll out their “ultimate” social network sooner than we think.

Why a Google social network?

Why not have a social network built by Google, the search engine giant? Facebook needs some type of competition considering that now outside websites are popping up in Facebook internet search results. That’s right, if you perform searches via Facebook’s Open Graph protocol (Graph API) you may discover over 50,000 sites had those new “Like” buttons within three weeks of their inception.

Those new Facebook “Like” buttons are really beefing up Facebook’s ability to query search results of external sites which gives the social networking giant some “search engine power”. Of course this is nothing (think of it as only 2% of what Google can do) compared to what Google provides but it is a start and one that could provide very customized and detailed search results. Such search results within Facebook could be more customized based on user preferences. Just think, Google would be Coca-Cola and Facebook would be Pepsi, both are a type of soda but they offer totally different flavors in their line of products.

Facebook would unlikely rival Google but the idea of Google creating a type of social network to jump ahead of Facebook on a type of socialistic-customized search will be an interesting thing to witness. Of course all of the buzz and rumors about a battle between Google and Facebook are starting to circulate it could turn very ugly before it gets pretty.

What have you heard about a feat between Google and Facebook? Do you even think it would be feasible to compare the two since they are totally different in this present day? Do you think Google will create a social network to rival Facebook?

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