FBI Can Hack into a Computer without a Warrant rules U.S. Court

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The days of big brother watching have come and stayed with us. Though, we don’t know how hard big brother is looking into our every-day actions over the Internet. In a recent court hearing, the FBI’s quest to seek permission to hack into computers without a warrant has been granted. That’s right; the FBI can hack into your computer without a warrant, and you won’t have much to say or do about it.

Coming fresh off of the heels of Judge Henry Morgan’s ruling in a criminal case that involved the child pornography site, Playpen, being accessible through the Tor browser leading to the arrest of particular perpetrators, is a result of the FBI now having access to hack computers without a warrant.

It has been attempted before, the FBI and other government entities or law enforcement agencies have suspected criminal activity conducted over the Internet. In the past, a warrant would have been needed to hack into a computer belonging to a suspect, even with probable cause. In the time that it took in some cases to obtain a warrant, the suspect could wipe their computer clean of any evidence. However, if the FBI and other law enforcement agencies can work under the radar and seek out a suspect’s system at any time, many perpetrators of illegal activity would be brought to justice in a quicker and more efficient manner.

In the court of law, many individuals who had to face trial due to the FBI or law enforcement finding illegal content or traces of illegal activity on their computer were able to get off and never face a day in jail. In such circumstances, the suspect would simply have their lawyer scream that the evidence against his/her client had been unlawfully seized. In such a case, the evidence would be quickly thrown out and any future proceedings using such evidence would be invalid and not usable in a court of law.

Now, things have changed for the benefit of the FBI, who can obtain and present computer evidence that is not likely to be thrown out all due to them not having to issue a warrant to search a suspect’s computer. Moreover, the warrantless investigation of computers applies to seizure of a person’s computer due to probable cause or any suspicion that the FBI may have.

The unfortunate part about this recent ruling is that privacy is being taken away from individuals. As we know it, all that we do over the Internet is subjected to monitoring by someone. To make matters worse, the monitoring of activity without a warrant could land many individuals in jail or at least in court for many sessions in an attempt to explain themselves.

The expectations of privacy are a newfound murky land in the USA as the government is claimed by some to be overstepping their boundaries. While such a notion may ring true for the masses, the work that the FBI does to “protect” the USA is always brought up when individuals and groups complain about an invasion of their privacy. The FBI will be quick to tell you how many terrorist disasters have been averted due to hacking and monitoring computer activity.

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