Future of live pop is virtually 3D [Video]

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Pop music artists must be shaking in their boots as the future of on-stage live music shows looks set to be taken over by 3D images. Meet Pop princess Hatsune Miku, who is a singing, dancing digital avatar created by Crypton Future Media.

Check her live show out here:

Hatsune Miku is storming the music scene.

With her long cerulean pigtails and her part-schoolgirl, part-spy outfit, she’s easy on the eyes. Okay, her voice sounds like it might have gone through some studio magic, but she’s already got legions of screaming fans.

And, like many of her hot young singer peers, Miku is extremely, proudly fake. Like, 3-D hologram fake. Customers can purchase and then program Miku to perform any song on a computer.

Crypton uses voices recorded by actors and runs them through Yamaha Corp.’s Vocaloid software, marketed as “a singer in a box.” The result: A synthesized songstress that sounds far better than you ever have in your shower.

Crypton has even set up a record label called KarenT, with its own YouTube channel. The Vocaloidism blog has more details about the software.

Do you think this new technology spells the end for real (human) pop artists? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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