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Hackers could take over 3D Printers to produce Defective Products

Posted on July 18 2016 by .

3D printers have become a newfound tool for creating items and products on the fly for just about any application that you can imagine. Companies, small businesses, and private citizens all over the world are adopting the concept of 3D printers and using them to create nearly any type of item that you can imagine. [...] Continue Reading

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review Video – Best Smartphone Yet?

Posted on March 08 2016 by .

The smartphone wars are never ending. There is a battle between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that seems to be one that is too close to call depending on who you ask. Apple may have fallen slightly behind the “curve” – pun intended, when it comes to catching and beating out the new [...] Continue Reading

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The Humanoid Robot “Pepper” touted as the New Business Assistant and Marketer – Video

Posted on February 25 2016 by .

There is a saying that Robots and computers will one day rule the world. We’re talking about some serious SkyNet stuff here if artificial intelligence gets its way as it does in Hollywood movies. In the scope of what is real, Robots have evolved to be characterized as “humanoid,”, or more human than we would [...] Continue Reading

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Mac Sales Decline 3% – Poor iPad Sales Takes Most of Blame

Posted on January 27 2016 by .

You have probably already heard about the slight decline in Apple’s sales. From what the numbers are showing, their decline is attributed to poor iPad sales and Mac computers falling off but still having a smaller fall-off rate than PC sales in the recent year. iPads as a whole have had a 24.7% decline in [...] Continue Reading

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Comcast Xfinity Home Security System Service Not Secure Due to Vulnerabilities

Posted on January 05 2016 by .

Having a trusted home security system is one thing. Connecting your home security system to the internet or relying on radio frequency transmissions is another, as it opens it up to an onslaught of potential security issues, which Comcast’s Xfinity service is found to have several security bugs. Comcast has offered their Xfinity home security [...] Continue Reading

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Microsoft’s Cortana Launched on Android & iOS Devices

Posted on December 09 2015 by .

The release of Windows 10 brings about some nifty features that many wished at the rollout time would be available to smartphone devices as an alternative to iOS’ SIRI. Now, that wish has come true as Microsoft officially launches Cortana on Android and iOS devices. As you may know, Cortana is touted as a help [...] Continue Reading

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Video: Can the iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop Computer?

Posted on December 03 2015 by .

There are all types of different computers on the current market. We have full-on desktop PCs, Mac Pros, laptops that convert into touchscreen tablets, and we have tablets that are said to replace your laptop computer. Apple has entered into a market that is still somewhat questionable with their all-new iPad Pro. The iPad Pro, [...] Continue Reading

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Windows Phone Claimed Not Dead Yet Due to Recent Market Share Growth

Posted on December 02 2015 by .

The Smartphone race has always included the Apple iPhone, the many devices that run Android, and devices touting the Windows Phone operating system. With the market share of Windows Phone hovering around 3%, experts are speculating its forthcoming demise. However, an important milestone was reached last month when Windows Phone saw an increase in its [...] Continue Reading

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Computer Games and Consoles Revolutionized: Happy 30th Birthday to Nintendo NES

Posted on October 19 2015 by .

It’s hard to believe that it has been 30 years since our beloved Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) came to fruition. The NES has been one of the most famous video game consoles ever and some believe it revolutionized the gaming and computer industry as we know it. As everyone celebrates the 30 year anniversary of [...] Continue Reading

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Android Lockscreens Bypassed through Random Long Password Vulnerability

Posted on September 16 2015 by .

Naturally, after the release of a few new Apple devices, all of the hype surrounds everything with an “I” tied to its name. On the other side of the tracks, Android is coming under additional issues as attackers find a method to bypass the latest Android 5.x lock screens using long random passwords. Android devices [...] Continue Reading

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