Google Play Store Finally Trumps Apple’s App Store In Total Number of Apps Available

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Fans from either end of the mobile device operating system spectrum will always be in a perpetual debate about which one is the best when it comes to Apple’s iOS against Android. Earning Google’s Android operating system, a bonus point is the announcement that the Google Play store now has more apps than Apple’s App store.

Apple has for many years prided themselves with the massive sales figures of iOS devices and their much-talked-about number of app downloads from the App Store. According to appFigures, Android’s Google Play store now has over 1.43 million apps for devices running a version of Android. That is slightly more than Apple Store’s total of 1.21 million accounted for by the end of 2014.

Android’s flexible platform as allowed developers to create a wide array of apps catering to the mass market flooded with various devices that run the Android operating system. Looking at the landscape of iOS devices, Apple has a stronghold on what apps are approved and placed on the Apple Store, potentially slowing the growing number of apps to a certain point. Now, that point has been reached where the Google Play store is now retaining its dominance with the total number of apps.

Total number of Apps by App Store – Source: appFigures

The excitement of Android and the many onslaughts of Android devices has been a force to reckon with. This news is not all that surprising considering how Apple iOS devices are only limited to what Apple produces, those being iPhones, iPads and, well, that’s pretty much it. When it comes to Android there are is a plethora of devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, HP, and even Motorola. The Android landscape is just so vast.

In any given time, you are bound to see one of your friends, coworkers, or family sport a new device that runs some version of Android. Of course, the angry gorilla in the room remains to be the stability and security of Android apps as we have seen cases where there is a multitude of Android apps filled with malware or vulnerabilities. Moreover, Android apps are more susceptible to being unstable. iOS apps, on the other hand, have been through a quality check and are never released into the wild until they get the stamp of approval from Apple.

It was all bound to happen, Android was the turtle in the race against the infamous hare and the turtle has wised up from all of the hares “tricks” over the years with the help of clever mobile device manufacturers. With this news it is not to say Apple is in trouble by any means of being dominated by Android devices, it means that there is viable competition on a vast landscape that has many corners to claim.

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