Google’s Dominance Calls for Smarter Real-World Scenarios with Google Now App Updates

Posted on May 06, 2014 by .

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If you lived your life on the internet utilizing a plethora of Google services on your desktop system, laptop and smartphone/mobile device, you would start to believe that Google is seeking world dominance. You wouldn’t be considered completely crazy out of mind by most techie types in the world today because Google is making some serious strides to make apps like Google Now more helpful than ever.

Google New is mobile device app that acts much like a personal assistant constantly looking at your current location, emails and calendar to remind you of certain “things” in life to make it easier. Now, Google is dipping its hands deep into their treasure chest of data so apps like Google Now are more sophisticated and can do the unthinkable to make life a simple thoughtless task.

Many new features of Google Now (available for Android only so far), which are coming by the droves as they update the app, are proactive in providing you with what Google thinks is your next move. Some of the features added, such as cards, will work even when you are offline. Other services integrated into it will remind you of where you parked your car or alert you when someone leaves a moving vehicle nearby.

The incremental changes to Google Now may be monumental for some in the scope that they do need to be reminded where they parked their car. The kicker is, Google New demonstrates how the awareness of a personal assistant can be used to the best of its abilities with many of the integrated features being quite futuristic. Even still, Google Now will probably be just the first app on the horizon to receive the “artificial intelligence” touch all in the palm of our hand. Forget about accessing all of the world’s data from one device, how about taking that data and making it fit your specific life and your life’s moves predicting your next move to make it living as easy as it can. This is just the beginning to Google’s dominance.

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