Google’s Nexus One Not Flawless

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Consumers say Google has not provided enough support for complaints about the Nexus One smart phone.

Consumers say Google has not provided enough support for complaints about the Nexus One smart phone.

Google has been inundated with complaints about its new Nexus One android phone. The smartphone – which is said to rival Apple’s iPhone – was launched on 5 January. Nexus One can be bought directly from Google and used on almost any phone network. But confusion over who should answer customer queries has led many to file complaints on support forums.

Many people are unhappy with Google only responding to queries via email and are calling for phone-based support. Americans can buy the Nexus One directly from Google for USD$529 (£331) or on a contract with T-Mobile for USD$179 (£112).

In the UK, the phone will be available via Vodafone but prices and launch dates have yet to be released. The support forums that Google has set up for the Nexus One are filling up with complaints from many of the first to buy the phone who need help.

The top query, with more than 500 responses, is about how much people should pay for the phone and whether T-Mobile customers can get the device at a reduced rate. Many are also trying to get more information about the phone and have placed an order to see how long it will take to reach them.

About 500 people have logged problems with the Nexus One’s support for 3G wireless networks. Others reported bugs when synchronizing contacts or getting the handset to work with existing Google accounts.

Users are also complaining about the time that it takes Google to respond. Google said responses via email may take a day or two to arrive. Frustrations were also reported by those that had turned to either T-Mobile or HTC for help and had been bounced back and forth between the handset maker and the mobile operator.

Conflicting information about whether the phone supports 3G, is being given by Google’s partners. A common sentiment on the support forum was that for the $500 people have paid for the phone they should be able to call a dedicated help line.

“Right now it’s a big mess,” said one person on the forum.

Google has answered a handful of the questions posted on the query but so far the vast majority lack a response from the search firm.

A spokesperson for Google says they worked closely with their Nexus One launch partners to make support available through a variety of channels. The spokesperson added that this is a new way to purchase and support a mobile phone, and Google is committed to sorting out the few kinks that do exist.

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