Hackers Targeting Starbucks App To Drain Users Bank Accounts

Posted on May 14, 2015 by .

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Starbucks is a household name for many Americans, and some of them take the coffee chain as serious as they make breathing oxygen on a daily basis. Through the use of technology, visits to Starbucks has gotten easier and relatively cheaper through the utilization of the Starbucks App bundling customer rewards and easy access for payment of your favorite beverage.

Use of the Starbucks App is widely popular, and hackers are unfortunately taking advantage of users by siphoning money from banking accounts linked on the popular App.

The Starbucks App is quite convenient but at the cost of that convenience hackers are targeting users and breaking into their Starbucks account online to add new gift cards and transfer funds.

It is a wild world we live in when there is not a guarantee of our privacy or information that travels over the internet. Hackers are busier than ever finding new ways to victimize people through many methods. The most recent method to grant hackers a quick payday is through the Starbucks App where attackers can grant themselves a gift card or quick transaction posted through access to individual’s accounts through the application.

Use of the Starbucks App on mobile devices is quite straightforward. It is thought that that simplicity has led to hackers swiftly swiping money from accounts that are linked to the card. The Starbucks App lacks any type of secondary confirmations or authentication process to ask if a user would like to process a payment to reload or make other transactions. Because of this, it is believed that hackers are taking advantage of the situation and charging as they please after they have compromised an account.

Thieves are able to steal upwards of hundreds of dollars in a matter of seconds, as reported by CNNMoney when taking account of customers who were victimized by the scheme recently.

Starbucks has reached out after these cases and reiterated that they have not been hacked. Basically, the attacks are the result of customers having weak passwords for accessing their accounts that are linked to the Starbucks App and their accounts that are used to “recharge” the app most often linked to a Starbucks card.

This recent issue is another prime example of why we should always utilize strong passwords to safeguard our information and our banking accounts. Hackers were probably able to guess the weak passwords to a multitude of Starbucks App users – giving them access drain bank accounts so they may buy up enough lattes to quench the thirst of an army.

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