The Humanoid Robot “Pepper” touted as the New Business Assistant and Marketer – Video

Posted on February 25, 2016 by .

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There is a saying that Robots and computers will one day rule the world. We’re talking about some serious SkyNet stuff here if artificial intelligence gets its way as it does in Hollywood movies.

In the scope of what is real, Robots have evolved to be characterized as “humanoid,”, or more human than we would like to admit due to advanced technology. A particular robot making waves in the tech world, called Pepper, is a humanoid robot that is said to make its first appearance in U.S. business this year.

What is so special about Pepper the humanoid robot? Glad you asked. You see, Pepper speaks and interprets 20 languages and can be quite entertaining. IN fact, Pepper can dance to your desired tune. Best of all, Pepper will be designed primarily for business customers for $20,000, boasting the ability to be a socializer improve “experiences” in several different markets.

Pepper would essentially be the go-to for interacting with customers in certain businesses demonstrating products, taking customers through troubleshooting items, or even sense and listen to your issues and attempt to resolve them within its programmed capacity.

You can think of Pepper as a liaison to products and connected services and nearly a powerful assistant in some environments.

The video below demonstrates and talks about some of the basics of Pepper, including its ability to be the ultimate business companion in your own store selling products.

About 7,000 Japanese families already have Pepper robots living with them in their homes. Additionally, there are about 10,000 Pepper robots in use in other countries with the majority being in Japan. As an example of use in current business, various train platform stations in France use Pepper robots as well as some supermarkets in Spain. Get ready, Pepper is headed to a store near you.

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