Can You Feel the iPhone 6 Plus Bending in Your Pocket?

Posted on September 25, 2014 by .

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There is a new Apple scandal on the horizon – Apparently the new iPhone 6 Plus has the bends, but they are not quite enthusiastically accepted by the public.

Obviously the new iPhone 6 Plus can bend a lot easier than most users would have ever expected. The apparent reason for its “flexibility” lies in the aluminum metal case and the thinner design. Combined, they cause the deform that for some users may present a big problem.

Theoretically, if you apply enough pressure, you can bend or even break anything. You can probably also bend iPhone 5S, but this won’t be as easy as you can with the Plus. The reason for this is simple – iPhone 6 Plus is larger and thinner.

Reports about similar issues have been released earlier this year, for example, Sony Xperia Z1. But, unfortunately, in the case of Apple, the reputation of their devices makes any fault more serious than the ones discovered in their competitor’s products.

Truth be told, there is actually quite a lot of force required in order to bend iPhone 6 Plus. There have been videos circling on the Web showing users applying a lot of pressure on the device before it actually bends. So, the chance of the iPhone 6 Plus being deformed even if you sit on it is very low.

But the user’s anger is understandable. People do not expect their quite expensive phone to bend in their pocket. Definitely not from Apple. The newly released device has already been given the name “bend-gate”.

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