It’s here! Interactive Gaming, Minus Controls

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Just imagine walking up to your TV, and always having a virtual friend waiting to talk to you. Or playing video games with no controls, no wires and no strange-looking headgear.

Project Natal is here and it’s the future of gaming. It’s basically a motion detection device which also has facial recognition, voice recognition, and many other things that are exciting.

You can play video games, communicate with friends and family, enjoy your movies and other media, all without a remote or a controller. That alone is amazing. The facial recognition and voice recognition is also amazing. Just walking in front of your TV, your Xbox can log you in, and do the same with anybody else who’s face comes in the room.

Do yourself a favor and watch the video below.

It gets better. Peter Molyneux, the man responsible for Fable and Fable II, unveiled Milo. Milo is a digital being. He can recognize your face and your voice, via the device code named “Project Natal”. You can have conversations with him, you can interact with him, he can see your emotions, he himself can emote.

Many of the details are being kept from the media but one things for sure, things can only get better with this kind of technology.

I can imagine Fable III having something like this. Being able to communicate and interact with the characters in the cities, have relationships and conversations with computer players that remember who you are. This technology could quite possibly be the future of gaming and entertainment.

Okay enough talking about it, meet Milo by watching the video below and let your imagination run wild.

What do think about this new technology? Feel free to share your thoughts by posting your comment below.

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