LA Motorists Advised to Read A Book on Hacked Electronic Traffic Sign

Posted on January 14, 2015 by .

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Hackers are busier than ever, and they seem to stop at nothing for opportunistic times that will earn them some instant gratification, or in some cases, a nice payday at the expense of victimized computer users. In light of a rather comical prank, mischiefs have hacked a traffic sign advising motorists to read a book.

In some instances, hackers are rather funny in their efforts to conjure up something everyone can get a good chuckle out of. Case in point, an LA traffic sign was hacked to display a message reading “Read a f—ing book” for those who were so fortunate enough to pass by this electronic road sign near Bunker Hill. Maybe this particular hacker or hackers were upset because they ran into someone who was illiterate. Who knows what made them do this for anything other than a serious laugh?

Photo showing hacked LA street sign advising motorists to “Read a F-ing book”

There have been many other instances where hackers changed electronic road signs to read messages from “you have been hacked” to ones that claim that there is an apocalypse upon us. What hackers get out of this is nothing more than a natural high of accomplishment and possibly a bigger head in knowing they have taken over an electronic road sign.

Although the road sign hackers may be amusing, there is still a grave danger lurking behind the prank that may end up giving motorist a message that lead to major accidents or the spread of false news. Either way, it seems electronic road signs are fair game for anyone with the wits and know-how to exploit whatever system the sign is running on until a local authority can rectify the situation.

So, next time you see a road sign saying, “Zombies Ahead” or anything else remotely out of place, don’t take it for face value. Unfortunately, it may be a time where the sign asks you to take a detour and you will wonder in the back of your mind if it was, in fact, a hacked sign leading you to an area to carjack you. Well, that is another story.

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