Microsoft Predicts Windows 10 Will Be On 1 Billion Devices In 3 Years

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The time is inching closer for the release of Microsoft’s newest and supposedly greatest operating system ever, Windows 10. With an expected release date of July this year, the summer is going to be steamy as Microsoft predicts that their new operating system will be on nearly 1 billion devices within 3 years from drop date.

Windows chief Terry Myerson has made the forecast just this past week on how Windows 10 will account for being in 1 billion devices within 2 to 3 years. Windows 10 goes on sale this summer and was also claimed by Microsoft to jump-start the personal-computer market and entice more tablet and smartphone buyers to choose devices that use Windows.

It is undeniable how the PC market has had its challenges with the surge of mobile and tablet device sales over the past couple of years. However, analysts will explain that the PC market is still strong, and a lot is riding on the success of Windows 10.

Microsoft, in their bold assessment of Windows 10 and their predictions, has reinforced that the operating system will make it easier to turn websites into Windows applications while making it easier for the development of mobile apps and to repurpose work done for other operating systems. In all, life should be a cake walk with Windows 10 for developers in creating Windows 10 apps no matter what platform they are accustomed to.

To add to the conversations about Microsoft’s bold claim of 1 billion Windows 10 devices in 3 years, a single app store will be available for all devices that sport Windows 10. That includes smartphones and tablets if you are wondering.

Sales of Windows have been on a steady decline along with the slow downward motion of the PC market as a whole. After ending the support for Windows XP last year, many customers upgraded their machines during that time, which has now slowed progress in seeking new systems. With the introduction of Windows 10 things could move in the right direction again.

It has yet to be seen, but with Windows 10 on the horizon we and a major insurgence of new advanced hardware ready to support the latest operating system from Microsoft, PC sales may see a big jump and the 1 billion mark in three years may not seem as farfetched as originally thought by many.

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