New Telenoid R1 Bot is ‘Minimalistic Human’

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Telenoid 1's creators say the robot can provide comfort to the elderly.

Telenoid 1's creators say the robot can provide comfort to the elderly.

Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro has unveiled his latest creation, and it’s a far cry from the ultra-lifelike robot clones he has produced in the past.

Meet Telenoid R1, designed to be a “minimalistic human.”

Creating humanoid clones is Ishiguro’s primary hobby. The Telenoid R1 telepresence robot trades extremities for an androgynous doll-like body, which researchers at Osaka University and ATR describe as “soft and pleasant”.

The $35,000 prototype transmits both the voice and head motions of a remote operator, allowing users to visit their elders via internet-equipped PCs, and a final version will actually go on sale later this year for around $8,000.

The Telenoid R1 Telepresence Robot weighs in at 11lbs and the robots arms, tail, eyes and mouth all move in sync with the user, and it features a total of 9 actuators.

The users facial expressions are transmitted to the robot through FaceAPI software which is used to track eyes, mouth and head movements.

Other reports refer to the Telenoid R1 as “creepy-looking” and something which “will haunt your dreams for all eternity“.

The videos below illustrate Telenoid R1′s ability to comfort the elderly.

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