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Over 60% of Malware Analysts Report Investigations of Undisclosed Security Breaches

Posted on November 22, 2013 by GranTorinoGuy.

Security breaches are almost a common expected thing to take place in today’s massively technology-intrigued world. In a new ThreatTrack Security study, it was revealed that security breaches are occurring at a much higher rate than initially reported by many security researchers. ThreatTrack has found that about 6 out of 10 of US-based malware analysts [...] Continue Reading

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Google Allegedly Launching Floating Data Centers Off U.S. Coasts

Posted on October 28, 2013 by GranTorinoGuy.

Google is already known as a pioneer of the internet either way you slice up their company. Being a user of one of the largest data centers in the world, Google is a paramount in the usage of computing power that inevitably needs to expand on a consistent basis. With that said, Google has reportedly [...] Continue Reading

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Gold Digger Prank Video – Do You Know Someone Like This?

Posted on October 25, 2013 by GranTorinoGuy.

With a video view count of 24 million and counting, this gold digger prank as spark some skepticism lately but it begs to ask, do you know someone on either side of the video’s viewpoint? Maybe yourself? At times we find ourselves humbled and others we draw a certain level of pride and entitlement and [...] Continue Reading

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Average Time It Takes Cybercriminals to Start Exploiting Breaking News Decreases to 22 Hours

Posted on September 28, 2013 by GranTorinoGuy.

It is almost a daily occurrence that cybercrooks find the most popular news stories or breaking news events to exploit. Researchers from Commtouch Security have now made the conclusion for the time it takes for cybercriminals to start exploiting breaking news is now around 22 hours, the lowest we have ever seen. Cybercrooks waste no [...] Continue Reading

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Facebook Rolls-Out new Video Chat Powered by Skype

Posted on July 06, 2011 by GranTorinoGuy.

Facebook has reached an astonishing 750 million users worldwide now making it the Mecca for ‘all-things social networking’. Having such a broad user base and the ultimate social networking experience on earth, Facebook has decided to capitalize on that user base by offering a new Video Chat integrated into their simplistic chat system. The new [...] Continue Reading

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Five biggest Tech ‘flops’ in 2010

Posted on December 07, 2010 by GranTorinoGuy.

These are not the top five biggest technology flops this year. But they certainly did not live up the expectations they promised when they were unveiled earlier this year. We’ll work our way from the bottom up. 5. Apple iPad Well this is the pick that we’re probably going to take the most flak over, [...] Continue Reading

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