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Study Claims Nearly Half of US Businesses Affected with Ransomware This Year

Posted on August 05 2016 by .

If you are at all tuned into the computer security world, you know that the threat of ransomware is an epidemic that appears to have become unruly and widespread in the recent year or two. According to an Osterman Research 2016 State of Ransomware Study sponsored by MalwareBytes, nearly half of corporate entities in the [...] Continue Reading

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Microsoft Rolls out Hardware Requirement Changes for Windows 10 to Beef up Security

Posted on July 28 2016 by .

There isn’t any question about what Microsoft’s flagship product is as they are rolling out new hardware requirements for Windows 10 to beef up security essentially. To make Microsoft’s most advantageous and illustrious product more secure, the company is rolling out new hardware requirements for Windows 10 that include hardware-based features like the Trusted Platform [...] Continue Reading

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Millions of Twitter Login Details Leaked – Users Notified

Posted on June 13 2016 by .

Over 32 million Twitter login details were caught up in a recent data breach that the social network giant fears will be sold off to the highest bidders over the Dark Web to potential hackers and cybercrooks. As an answer to a massive data breach involving login credentials to millions of Twitter accounts, one that [...] Continue Reading

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Beware: Third-Party Android App Stores Flooded with Root Malware Threats

Posted on February 11 2016 by .

On the front of mobile device security, those running the Android operating system are in for an onslaught of malware threats if you so choose to download and install apps from third-party app stores. As it turns out, Android root malware is abundant on third-party app stores, according to Trend Micro. Trend Micro uncovered about [...] Continue Reading

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Android Malware Reemerges to Subscribe Victims to Expensive SMS Services

Posted on September 09 2015 by .

Malware among smartphone and mobile devices is something that many of us never give a second thought to until we encounter a serious threat on our own device. When it comes to mobile device malware, Android devices always come to mind as smartphones and tablets running the operating system are the most vulnerable and hackers [...] Continue Reading

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Hackers Dump Massive Amounts of Data Scoured from Previous Attack

Posted on August 19 2015 by .

The hackers who call themselves the Impact Team recently attacked the site, a network known for allowing married folks to secretly have an affair, are now releasing massive amounts of data that they scoured from hack many weeks ago. The hacker group Impact Team is acting out a promise that they said was due [...] Continue Reading

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How DDoS Attacks Work Explained and Simplified in Clever Infographic

Posted on August 17 2015 by .

DDoS attacks, Distributed Denial of Service, are among the most common web-based attacks, which are responsible for bringing down most websites within its tracks. DDoS attacks are the primary choice for attackers to bring down a site, no matter its size. DDoS attacks are instances when a large amount of internet traffic is driven to [...] Continue Reading

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Adobe Flash Stays Afloat with Google’s Help to Make Vulnerabilities Harder to Exploit

Posted on July 20 2015 by .

Adobe Flash Player has undoubtedly had a bullseye target on it from hackers and cybercrooks for nearly as long as it has been in existence. The many vulnerabilities that have plagued Adobe Flash over the years has been the brunt to many cyber-attacks and malicious targets for computers around the world. To keep the multimedia [...] Continue Reading

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Emoji Passcode App Bids to Replace Traditional Pin Numbers and Passwords

Posted on June 19 2015 by .

Let’s face it, remembering pin numbers and passwords are a real pain. In today’s social network-driven world where our lives thrive virtually on the internet, we must remember multiple passwords regardless of certain types of software attempting to manage a vast utopia of passcodes. As an answer to the daunting task of remembering passwords, a [...] Continue Reading

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US Requiring HTTPS for all Public Government Websites

Posted on June 09 2015 by .

Lately U.S. government websites have been the brunt of attacks where hackers found ways to deface some of them and collect sensitive data in other cases. To put a stop to this chaos, it is being mandated by the U.S. government that all public government websites utilizing the HTTPS security protocol. HTTPS deployment is an [...] Continue Reading

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