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How to Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen

Posted on December 14 2015 by .

There are a lot of new features, many of them useful, within Windows 10. While many of the new Windows 10 features prove to be quite useful, some of them are more for a tablet or 2-in-one laptop device that has a touchscreen instead of being useful on desktop PCs. One particular feature that many [...] Continue Reading

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Top 5 Quick Tips for Migrating to the Cloud

Posted on October 09 2015 by .

While moving to the cloud seems like an easy task that will take place overnight, it should be known that a laid out plan could save you a serious headache. We have come up with the top 5 simple tips and tricks for migrating to the cloud to get your data and/or apps over to [...] Continue Reading

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How to ‘undo’ that email you sent and get it back

Posted on August 25 2010 by .

Ever send an e-mail wishing you could get it back before it lands in the recipients inbox? Do you sometimes have second thoughts about an email rant to a loved one? What about that scathing message about your boss – the one you accidently sent to your boss? Too late! You’ve already sent it. Well, [...] Continue Reading

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