Perpetrator Arrested for Hacking South Korea’s Naver Search Portal Accounts

Posted on April 10, 2014 by .

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160 million won ($148,000) was gained from a 31-year old man from Korea by hacking into millions of South Korea’s Naver search portal Accounts.

This hacking case is one where the police have arrested the perpetrator who have also charged three others who allegedly worked with the initiator of this theft incident. According to the Korea Herald, the suspect, named Seo, is said to have purchased personal details from 25 million people from a Korean Chinese individual in August of 2013. The data purchased included individual’s names, addresses, usernames, passwords and details that may be used to exploit people over the internet.

Seo, the first perpetrator for this hacking case, was arrested along with a person named Hong, who is suspected of being the developer for the hacking software used in brute-force attacks against Naver accounts. Hong is believed to have provided Seo with the necessary tools and software to obtain the data and eventually use it to steal 160 won ($148,000).

Representatives from Naver have said that they cannot stop hackers from accessing customer’s accounts with information obtained from various other sources. What they have suggested to individuals who feel they may have had their information compromised is to change their passwords immediately.

Hacking cases like this usually go unsolved and the company who was exploited puts in measures to help prevent future attacks. In this case, the main perpetrator was caught along with his hacking software provider. Other individuals are currently charged with aiding this exploit and hacking incident and it is refreshing to see cybercrooks like these get arrested.

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