Russia Blocking Ukrainian Activists Sites That Could Cause Additional Terrorist Activity

Posted on March 04, 2014 by .

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All of the world’s eyes are on Russia and the Ukraine as the revolution causes a major uproar. Authorities, in their own effort to make piece, are not blocking 13 activist websites on the Russian social media network, Vkontkte.

The blocking of activists websites during such turmoil is nothing really new. In todays culture and technology age everyone has their own media platform to share whatever feelings or views that have with the public. Social networks like Facebook and the Russian Vkontkte are harbors for this new-age platform giving everyone their little bit of fame in an expression of whatever they may believe in. Ultimately, the statements and thoughts places on certain sites could cause additional terrorist activity.

It is unfortunate times like this while Russia and the Ukraine are facing major issues during this revolt and some folks are not going to like what is posted online and could actually, in a physical sense, lash out and make matters worse than they are. Terrorist activity could be stirred and rise to unprecedented levels if activists had their way with posting thoughts and expressions on sites.

In comes the authorities to block certain sites to minimize this potential backlash from folks sharing a true piece of their mind on the internet. The best thing to do right now in this unfortunate turmoil in Ukraine is to limit additional disruption and that means taking to the internet and preventing access to potential exacerbates of additional turmoil just from people’s posted public statements.

Not only are authorities blocking activist websites, but they are taking action to jam cell phones and severing internet connections between the peninsula and the rest of Ukraine. Additionally, some telephone services are disrupted and Crimean government web porters were taken offline for the time being.

The efforts in Ukraine and Russia to cease the revolt is strong by some but the opposition is taking root to an unknown future for this violent outbreak. A senior Council on Foreign Relations, Adam Segal, said “If there is military conflict, cyber attacks will be used to degrade the ability of conventional forces to operate.”

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