Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Seeks Prominence Over Other Smartphones

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A quick touchy feely run-down of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The smartphone war is a perpetual battle that has no end. With every new release of a smartphone, the world tends to rock on its axis as the lovely public takes to the internet to find out if it is better than the last smartphone to hit the market. With the introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, there seems to be a lot of sifting and justification to moving to the hottest smartphone from the South Korean company.

Samsung has certainly made a monumental name for themselves. They are everyone you look, whether it be chips inside of the Apple iPhone, the brand stamped on your new flat screen TV, or a name the synonymous with mainstream electronics and household appliances. Some may go as far as to think Samsung is the new-age Sony. I can see that.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may not be just another notch in the belt for smartphones. It could very well be paramount for Samsung where the critics are getting enough garnered attention for the company to make some more bold moves in their design and implementation of their latest smartphone.

In their attempt to seek prominence over other smartphones, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features a slim, stylish and powerful makeup. Its unique design with the curved glass edges has been marked by most as the most desirable S6 so far. As the flagship of Samsung’s smartphone lineup, the S6 Edge boasts an Exynos 14nm 64-bit Octa Core processor. You can get the Galaxy S6 Edge in 64GB or 128GB versions all with a large 5.1-inch 2560×1440 pixel Super AMOLED display. With such a display, you would be hard-pressed to physically find a single pixel, even if you stared at it for hours upon hours – thought I would not recommend that.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge brings more of the same but with a flare in using the Android OS. Many of the expected features are now faster, such as the ability to use NFC for payments. The pitfalls of the new Galaxy S6 Edge are few, but something worth mentioning, as you don’t have a SD card slot and removable battery. The Apple fanboys are already having a field day with this faux pas. The irony stretches pretty far with this one as Samsung was synonymous with providing a removable battery compartment and an SD card slot for upgrading your storage or just swapping out some photos from another device. Yeah, this isn’t going to win a battle over everything else on the market. The last “bad” part would be the fingerprint sensor; it seems to be a bit finicky through use. However, it does register but not with much consistency.

In living with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you will notice how it finds a proper spot in your jeans pocket. It is like the curved glass edges match the ends of your pocket, and it slips down to a spot not to budge out of your outer thighs. Are you happy to see me? No, it’s just that my Galaxy S6 Edge has disappeared into my pants pocket.

Getting down the price of the Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung could have trumped any shortcomings in their latest smartphone when it comes to the Galaxy S6. With the Galaxy S6 Edge, you can voice your opinion now while we plug our ears. The S6 Edge is respectfully $100 more over the Galaxy S6. For a price starting at $299 with a 2-year contract for the 32GB model and ramping up to $399 for the 64GB and then 499 for the 128GB, that missing SD card slot means more now than ever.

I can say, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is more than meets the eye, it is, after all, the best smartphone on the market, along with – dare I say, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Geez, be sure to let us know your thoughts on our quick run-down.

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