Beware: Scam Designed to Steal Gmail Info Is Difficult to Catch

Posted on March 25, 2014 by .

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Hackers and cybercrooks are always on the leading edge of exploiting computer users and one of the latest scams is one that is almost impossible to catch where it pretends to be a Google document leading to a Gmail login interface that steals your login information.

Many of us use Google in some shape or form and there is a large population that utilizes actual Google services including Gmail and Google Docs. Scammers are sending out spam emails that contain an alleged Google doc that directs you to a webpage that resembles a Google Drive login and sign-up page. This Google Drive page is rather clever in that it is almost identical to the legitimate login page, which is part of why this scam is difficult to detect or catch.

The fake pages created by hackers in this scam is yet another extension of how cybercrooks are crafty in creating phishing sites that closely resemble the legitimate form that it is attempting to mimic. In the case of the Google Drive login phishing page, most computer users will not be able to decipher the real one and the phishing page as shown in figure 1 and 2 respectfully.

Figure 1. Fake Google Drive sign-in page

Figure 2. Legitimate Google Drive sign-in page

Using the fake login page will collect your login details providing hackers with unadulterated access to your Google account, which could allow cybercrooks to pilfer your personal life by accessing items within your Gmail account and others.

As an answer to this massive scam, Google has taken action to remove the fake pages. “We’ve removed the fake pages and our abuse team is working to prevent this kind of spoofing from happening again,” a representative from Google explained to the press. “If you think you may have accidentally given out your account information, please reset your password.”

In some cases, this scam is customized for different users where some systems may load a different version of the Google Drive phishing page. For now, computer users should still be on the lookout for phishing scams like this one even though Google is cracking down on them. Remember, hackers are relentless in their actions to continually attack unsuspecting computer users. In the case of this recent Google Drive phishing attack, the unsuspecting can be anyone as this clever scam is difficult to catch even for so-called computer experts.

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