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Anonymous Hacker Group Vows to Wipe ISIS off of the Internet

Posted on 18 November 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris France has been very unfortunate and sad accounting for the deaths of over 100 people. Just after the identification of the perpetrators being the well-known ISIS terrorist group, hackers from the infamous Anonymous group set out to attack ISIS on the internet front and now have vowed to wipe ISIS off of the internet.

The Anonymous hacker group has long been known for their efforts to attack companies or organizations that do something against their personal morals or beliefs. As it turns out, aggressive terrorism carried out by ISIS in the recent Paris, France killings has Anonymous angered and pushed them to take action to take well-over 5,500 of ISIS-owned Twitter accounts down, release a “How to Hack ISIS” guide, and perform other actions to essentially attack and dismantle ISIS over the Internet.

In a YouTube video posted recently (below), Anonymous makes a threat directly at ISIS saying “Expect massive cyber-attacks. War is declared, Get prepared.”

In the normal fashion of Anonymous, the video above makes their threat known to the public using their customary signatures.

Through the use of an #OpParis effort and website, Anonymous its targeting ISIS with everything they have all over the Internet. Through these efforts, Anonymous may somehow become an ally among law enforcement agencies around the world who also look to take ISIS down and put an end to their terror.

Do you think Anonymous will have any luck in helping with the take-down of ISIS or disrupt them in any way other than what has already been done with ISIS-member Twitter accounts?

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