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Video: Can the iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop Computer?

Posted on 03 December 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

There are all types of different computers on the current market. We have full-on desktop PCs, Mac Pros, laptops that convert into touchscreen tablets, and we have tablets that are said to replace your laptop computer.

Apple has entered into a market that is still somewhat questionable with their all-new iPad Pro. The iPad Pro, as you may already know, is the largest and most powerful tablet device from the company yet. The iPad Pro is also touted as a potential replacement for your laptop computer. Some have some mighty strong words to say about it being a laptop replacement.

Cnet dives into the fray and explains a few positives and negatives on whether the iPad Pro is able to fully replace the laptop computer, even if you pair it with a keyboard and that $100 Apple pen device. = For one, we think that Apple is a bit crazy for having a device at or above the cost of a mainstream laptop. Draw your own conclusions and check out the video below.

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Apple Mac Computer Sales Reach Record High As iPad Continues to Slip

Posted on 28 October 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

The news is buzzing about how Apple Mac computers are making a serious insurgence on the PC industry with selling a record 5.7 machines to customers worldwide in the September 2015 quarter.

Another major milestone has been reached for Apple with the sales of Mac computers account for 20 million more in an Apple fiscal year.

To put things in perspective, Apple sold 20.6 million Macs in the last 4 quarters, or within one year’s time previously. In just the last quarter (3 months) with September 2015 as the cutoff, apple has sold 5.7 Macs which would yield a higher number if you multiply that by a four, which would be a full year of those sales. That puts Apple over their high of 20.6 million in a year’s time by a considerable amount.

While Mac unit sales were up by about 3.4% from the previous year, iPad sales are dismal and continue a downward slump. One while some experts thought that iPad sales would trump Mac computer sales, and they did only for a short interim. Now, iPad unit sales are down 19.8%, and revenue is off by 19.6%. iPads only accounted for 8.3% of Apple’s total for the quarter, the smallest amount ever recorded since the first quarter of 2011, which was just under a year after the iPad’s conception and release date.

As you would expect, Apple is downplaying their dismal iPad sales over the last seven quarters, which has returned nothing but a downward spin for the popular tablet. While the overall earnings of Apple remain strong, there is speculation surround as to why the iPad has turned into the redheaded stepchild for the brand when you look at overall sales as of late.

Some speculate on the idea of iPad sales declining is that people are well satisfied with their previous iPad purchase and have no need to “upgrade” and may overlook the iPad Pro due to its high cost relative to a Mac computer, desktop or Macbook.

There may be many reasons as to the decline of iPad sales. Though, with a rising sales force among Mac computers, Apple could be emerging into a new territory where Windows based PCs are starting to show a decline in new adoption rates with Apple Mac computers with record adoption rates. Only time will tell as we have no choice but to sit this one out and await the forthcoming results. Not to mention, with the holidays approaching there will be new indicators as to what consumers are looking for and if the iPad will have new sales life sparked back into it or if Mac computers will simply dominate.

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Apple Mac OS Desktop Adoption Steadily Rising

Posted on 15 July 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

For as long as there’s been Apple Mac computers, users have pondered over the idea of moving to the other side to adopt what Mac OS has to offer. In recent observations and studies, it is revealed that the adoption rate for users moving to an Apple Mac OS Desktop is steadily rising, especially among universities and their employees.

A particular enterprise that is seeing rising numbers for the adoption rate of Apple Mac OS is the University of Nevada at Reno. At such a University students and employees have the freedom to choose the Windows OS or Mac OS. From a recent examination, it was discovered that about 14% of the faculty alone is now using the Apple desktop.

Steve LeBlanc, a support technician at the University of Nevada at Reno said, “More and more people are using iPhones and iPads, and when their cycle comes up to replace their desktops they are going Apple.”

There is no speculation as to the costs of Apple Mac computers. The fact and idea that they may cost a bit more than their Windows PC counterparts is nothing secretive. However, Universities such as at Nevada at Reno have been playing catch-up to manage its growing Apple inventory.

Aside from the long-touted user-friendliness of Mac OS X over the years, the life cycle of computers has naturally extended to about six years, which helps Apple in consideration of a consumer’s investment. Mac growth is by no means slowing. If anything, the emergence of iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and their support infrastructure has aided to the growth of the Mac Desktop world.

Enterprise adoption for Apple has always suffered, for many obvious reasons. However, in recent years Apple has made serious headway with enterprise use where some large companies and corporations want to cater to the Millennials in the workplace. As you may know, Millennials envelope a strong fast-growing demographic for Mac ownership. Think of it as the new-age “hip” thing to invest in – something touting that famous Apple logo.

The Android platform along with the few alternatives to Windows PC desktops has come and gone for its adoption in enterprise and many other common environments. If you were to ask experts for the reason, the simple answer would be because of security. Simply put, Android and other alternatives lack the proper security to be even considered in enterprise environments or anything remotely as demanding. Apple knows a thing or two about security and is brightly shining and growing in enterprise environments.

Lastly, Apple’s profit margin and ridiculous revenue figures have allowed them to focus on building high-quality products. High-quality computers mean a better viability within companies to carry on everyday business without hiccups that cost money. Apple Mac OS means save money, which means a better RIO – everyone is happy – buy a Mac.

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Alert: Bizarre Text Message Causing iPhones and iOS Devices to Crash and Reboot

Posted on 28 May 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

Most people have concluded that Apple has run a tight ship in the aspect of keeping their iOS devices free of malware and potential security threats. However, there are several iOS devices crashing and rebooting all from a bizarre text message.

A bug in the current version of iOS was discovered by several Reddit users recently where a specialized text message can be sent and then cause a device running iOS to reboot. Basically, iPhones are susceptible to being remotely rebooted by receiving a text message that contains several Arabic characters.

In looking at the text message causing this issue on iOS devices, researchers find that the bug in iOS picks up on a specific line of text sent within iMessage or SMS. The techie folks at the Guardian attempted to replicate the bug through sending the particular text message and were only successful in one out of 50 attempts as the string that causes a reboot must be typed out in an exact fashion. This means if even one character or space is off, the mischievous text will not work to reboot the device.

Currently, there has not been a specific reason for the bug being used other than to be annoying and a laughable prank. Users of iOS devices who have experienced the issue are taking to social media, such as on Twitter and Facebook, to vent their frustrations and potentially wage the text message bug war on someone else. Yes, you too can crash another iOS device if you have the exact message ready to send to someone.

It is not the first time that a bug within iOS has caused similar issues on devices running the operating system. There have been bugs within third party apps in the past the allowed attackers to flood iOS devices with information to cause them to crash. During such a time, the Apple store removed the app and pretty much nipped the situation in the bud. With this text message iOS crashing situation, there will need to be a full update to iOS and Apple will be required to release an update to fix this bug. Until then, iPhones and other iOS devices receiving this bizarre text message will continue to crash and reboot.

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Major Car Makers Gear Up to Offer Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Posted on 28 May 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

The big news is starting to stir around as a new concoction is created in the automotive world for the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for vehicle infotainment systems.

Technology and computers have a big part in today’s cars. The latest infotainment systems, most of which are proprietary and customized to each brand, are sophisticated and offer drivers and passengers an onslaught of integration, information and control of vehicle functions. In an effort to streamline the infotainment systems in vehicles and make them fit into the lives of the general public, who mostly use either iPhones or an Android-powered smartphone, car makers will give consumers the option of using Apple’s new CarPlay integration or Android Auto as their choice for an infotainment system.

Hyundai has been in the news as one of the frontrunners for introducing a movie to use Android Auto following several months after their announcement to bring Apple CarPlay into the mix for their infotainment systems. Following Hyundai, GM has just made an announcement to follow suit with their Chevrolet brand.

“For most of us, our smartphones are essential,” GM CEO Mary Barra said in a statement. “Partnering with Apple and Google to offer CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility across the widest range of models in the industry is a great example of how Chevrolet continues to democratize technology that’s important to our customers.”

Vehicles such as Chevrolet’s top sellers all include a version of the brand’s MyLink infotainment system. Through use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto the system will have either layered on top of it to interact directly with a driver’s smartphone. In such a case, the smartphone will use Apple CarPlay in the case of it being an Apple iPhone or use Android Auto with a device using the Android operating system. Most systems feature either a 7-inch or 8-inch color screen integrated in the vehicle enabling certain features to be limited use while driving to cut down on driver distractions, which is something that has more or less become a safety epidemic recently.

Several other automakers are making plans to roll out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into their infotainment systems, but it will take some time. Getting everything right is critical as an infotainment system in a car today is a major driving force for sales and customer retention.

Consumers are urged to keep an eye out for major auto shows coming up later this year where we suspect several manufactures will roll out their Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration for some 2016 and 2017 model year vehicles.

Don’t you think it is the time that automakers jump on aboard this forward-moving train and give us the choice of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in vehicles with an integrated infotainment system?

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Google Play Store Finally Trumps Apple’s App Store In Total Number of Apps Available

Posted on 30 January 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

Fans from either end of the mobile device operating system spectrum will always be in a perpetual debate about which one is the best when it comes to Apple’s iOS against Android. Earning Google’s Android operating system, a bonus point is the announcement that the Google Play store now has more apps than Apple’s App store.

Apple has for many years prided themselves with the massive sales figures of iOS devices and their much-talked-about number of app downloads from the App Store. According to appFigures, Android’s Google Play store now has over 1.43 million apps for devices running a version of Android. That is slightly more than Apple Store’s total of 1.21 million accounted for by the end of 2014.

Android’s flexible platform as allowed developers to create a wide array of apps catering to the mass market flooded with various devices that run the Android operating system. Looking at the landscape of iOS devices, Apple has a stronghold on what apps are approved and placed on the Apple Store, potentially slowing the growing number of apps to a certain point. Now, that point has been reached where the Google Play store is now retaining its dominance with the total number of apps.

Total number of Apps by App Store – Source: appFigures

The excitement of Android and the many onslaughts of Android devices has been a force to reckon with. This news is not all that surprising considering how Apple iOS devices are only limited to what Apple produces, those being iPhones, iPads and, well, that’s pretty much it. When it comes to Android there are is a plethora of devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, HP, and even Motorola. The Android landscape is just so vast.

In any given time, you are bound to see one of your friends, coworkers, or family sport a new device that runs some version of Android. Of course, the angry gorilla in the room remains to be the stability and security of Android apps as we have seen cases where there is a multitude of Android apps filled with malware or vulnerabilities. Moreover, Android apps are more susceptible to being unstable. iOS apps, on the other hand, have been through a quality check and are never released into the wild until they get the stamp of approval from Apple.

It was all bound to happen, Android was the turtle in the race against the infamous hare and the turtle has wised up from all of the hares “tricks” over the years with the help of clever mobile device manufacturers. With this news it is not to say Apple is in trouble by any means of being dominated by Android devices, it means that there is viable competition on a vast landscape that has many corners to claim.

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Malicious Software Targeting Apple Users in China Located

Posted on 21 October 2014 by MegaLexame

Great Fire, a group that watches censorship by the government in China, announced in their web-site yesterday that they have discovered a hack attack jeopardizing Chinese citizens’ information stored on the Apple iCloud services. This might have something to do with users buying the new iPhone version and wanting to synchronize the information they have stored on their older phones, as the attack somehow coincides with Apple’s iPhone 6 shipping expansion to China started on 17th October, Friday last week.

How the Attack Works?

When trying to synchronize information users get redirected to a potential harmful phishing site where their credentials and other information are re-directed to a location possibly controlled by the Chinese government.

Using Google Chrome and Mozilla, the Great Fire group report states, will warn you that you will be redirected to the unsecured page but if you choose to ignore it, the page will automatically open. Signing in using Oihoo, China’s most popular web-browser, for example, though, the attack will go completely unnoticed and the users will be lead straight to the malicious site. The attack is using a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) technique relying on a non-trusted user certificate released on 4th October for icloud.com in Pastebin.

Great Fire believe that this is a malicious attack on Apple, which aims to gain access to usernames and passwords and eventually all data stored on iCloud, for example iMessages, contacts, photos, etc. In case users ignored the security warning and decided to click their way to the Apple site and entered their credential, this data is now compromised by the authorities in China.

What Can Users Do to Protect Themselves?

There are several ways to avoid getting your information stolen. One of them is using two-way verification authentication method to stop your data going into third-party hands. Besides the username and the password this method uses a supplement code for data protection. Another way is logging in with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection which emerges to be one of the most secure ways to browse around the Internet nowadays.
The attack is targeted to a specific IP location; the Great Fire group thinks – IP. The iCloud DNS may return different IP address though.

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Most OS X Users Safe Against the Bash Vulnerability

Posted on 29 September 2014 by MegaLexame

In a response to users’ concern regarding the exposure of Mac OS X to the Bash vulnerability, Apple representatives stated that most Apple users shouldn’t be worried as their systems are not at risk. The company is working on a patch at the moment.

The experts say that the OS X systems are safe by default, unless the users decide to configure advanced UNIX services. For those customers, the company is working on a software update.

Compared to the UNIX and Linux users, OS X users are less exposed to the many exploits out there and the potential for a DDoS botnet consisting of computers compromised by the Bash flaw. According to analysts from the security firm Securosis, the Bash vulnerability affects OS X just like it does UNIX and Linux, but the OS X machines are less exposed to risk, because most of their deployments are not on web servers.

Early Linux Patches Deemed Incomplete. Apple Users Advised to Wait.

Users are advised to show a little patience and wait for the Apple patch instead of compiling one manually. The patches from the major Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc., have been released too early and have been proven incomplete.

Bash is the default command-line shell in UNIX, Linux and OS X, and it’s required by numerous functions in those systems; some of them are not even in plain sight. Under those circumstances, the patching of the Bash bug can be quite a challenge.

The flaw is relatively simple to exploit, which allows cyber criminals to attach the malicious code remotely to an environmental variable, executed as Bash is called. The problem is the millions of home router, embedded devices, web servers, etc. invoke Bash calls. Among the most common ones are Apache servers that use mod_cgi or mod_cgid, or Git deployments over SSH.

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Can You Feel the iPhone 6 Plus Bending in Your Pocket?

Posted on 25 September 2014 by SlimboCA

There is a new Apple scandal on the horizon – Apparently the new iPhone 6 Plus has the bends, but they are not quite enthusiastically accepted by the public.

Obviously the new iPhone 6 Plus can bend a lot easier than most users would have ever expected. The apparent reason for its “flexibility” lies in the aluminum metal case and the thinner design. Combined, they cause the deform that for some users may present a big problem.

Theoretically, if you apply enough pressure, you can bend or even break anything. You can probably also bend iPhone 5S, but this won’t be as easy as you can with the Plus. The reason for this is simple – iPhone 6 Plus is larger and thinner.

Reports about similar issues have been released earlier this year, for example, Sony Xperia Z1. But, unfortunately, in the case of Apple, the reputation of their devices makes any fault more serious than the ones discovered in their competitor’s products.

Truth be told, there is actually quite a lot of force required in order to bend iPhone 6 Plus. There have been videos circling on the Web showing users applying a lot of pressure on the device before it actually bends. So, the chance of the iPhone 6 Plus being deformed even if you sit on it is very low.

But the user’s anger is understandable. People do not expect their quite expensive phone to bend in their pocket. Definitely not from Apple. The newly released device has already been given the name “bend-gate”.

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Apple Patents Curved Touch Screens Hinting Towards Next Mobile Tech Craze

Posted on 10 December 2013 by GranTorinoGuy

Everyone is always on the hunt for the next best thing but in the interim we suspect that curved touch screens will be a hit amongst mobile devices as Apple has just received a patent for curved touchscreens and displays.

According to AppleInsider, the method Apple patented is designed to create a curved screen that remains to be fully touch sensitive without any distortion. Such a display is hinted towards use not only in upcoming iPhones or other mobile devices, but in items like an upcoming magic mouse or even another desktop application device.

Curved screens can almost be thought of something old becoming new again only this time it is in the ‘flat’ screen vernacular, without any pun intended. With Apple filing such a patent it would mean the current curved glass mobile devices from competitors like LG and Samsung will all be a part of a new family of screens that evade the normal flat design.

In a Bloomberg report in November experts went out on a ledge and guessed that the company is working on a curved glass iPhone for release in late 2014 and at the same time building out better touch input for future devices. This current patent certainly lines up with this thinking.

Of course the true benefits of curved glass have yet to see the light of day outside of being just a fashion fad. Maybe something else is up with the whole curved screen idea, or patent in Apple’s case.

What do you think about curved touch screens or curved glass devices? Any benefit to them over current mobile devices or tablets?

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