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iPhone exec falls from Apple tree in ‘Antennagate’

Posted on 10 August 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

Apple CEO Steve Jobs still insists that iPhone 4 users are holding the phone wrong and that the reception problem is one shared by many other smartphones.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs still insists that iPhone 4 users are holding the phone wrong and that the reception problem is one shared by many other smartphones.

Apple’s ongoing “Antennagate” saga has left a senior executive jobless.

Mark Papermaster, the Apple executive in charge of iPhone engineering, has left the company just weeks after the “Antennagate” controversy caused all sorts of problems for Apple. Disgruntled users made numerous complaints of poor reception on the company’s latest smartphone the iPhone 4.

Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling says Papermaster has been replaced by Bob Mansfield. Dowling has refused to reveal the reason for Papermaster’s departure.

The Apple iPhone 4 was released in June and it was an instant hit with consumers. But reports soon spread about reception problems and snowballed into a publicity crisis when Apple was forced to call a press conference to tackle the matter.

Papermaster was not at the press conference on July 16. Mansfield, who will take over for him, now oversees Macintosh hardware engineering. Mansfield apparently manages groups that create many of the key technologies for the iPhone and iPod touch, including the A4 chip, Retina display and touch screens. Papermaster started working at Apple in November of 2008, after he was lured away from IBM, where he worked for 25 years.

IBM sued Papermaster after his departure, saying he agreed to avoid working for any competitor for a year. A federal court initially barred Papermaster from working for Apple, but the lawsuit was eventually resolved and he began work for Apple in April of 2009.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs remains adamant that there is nothing wrong with the iPhone 4, saying that the reception problem is one shared by many other smartphones. Jobs’ thoughts on the issue were revealed in a leaked document.

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Applegate: The iPhone saga continues…

Posted on 16 July 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a week from hell due to iPhone 4.0 issues.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a week from hell due to iPhone 4.0 issues.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs must be happy to have seen the back of a terrible week.

Pcoverdose.com has broken down the news, which included an Apple press conference at short notice, a software update to adjust the iPhone signal display, and disappearing discussion threads on Apple’s support boards.

Did we miss anything? Here’s summary:

Steve Jobs promises free iPhone 4 bumpers: Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised free bumpers for all iPhone 4 owners during a press conference last Friday while arguing that the antenna problems with Apple’s new device are endemic to all smartphones.

Minuscule Apple-branded display emerges: What could Apple be doing with a 3x3cm display? We’re not all that sure, but we’re willing to go out on a limb and say that Apple isn’t about to announce an “iWatch.”

Mysterious disappearance of iPhone 4 discussions: Apple allegedly deleted threads about the iPhone 4′s antenna problems in the wake of Consumer Reports backtracking on its recommendation. Sound familiar?

Jobs warned of potential iPhone 4 antenna issues: A day before Apple’s last-minute, invite-only press conference covering the iPhone 4, a new report revealed that one of Apple’s senior engineers warned management that the device’s antenna design could lead to reception problems.

iOS 4.0.1 tweaks bar display, doesn’t fix signal drop: Apple has released iOS 4.0.1, meant to fix up the iPhone bar display so that users have a more realistic picture of what kind of signal they’re getting. The update doesn’t fix the signal drop that some users are seeing, however.

The iPhone 4 antenna issue has been widely reported, but how does it actually affect users? Tell us your experience by commenting below:

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‘Sorry, but we can’t recommend the iPhone 4′

Posted on 13 July 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

This image shows the lighter side of the iPhone 4's antenna problems.

This image shows the lighter side of the iPhone 4's antenna problems.

An independent US consumer watchdog has slated Apple’s iPhone 4.

Consumer Reports says due to the new phone’s reception problem, they cannot recommend the iPhone 4 to consumers. The company’s engineers had completed extensive tests on Apple’s iPhone 4, and have confirmed that there is an issue with reception.

When a user’s finger or hand touches a spot on the phone’s lower left side – an easy thing, especially for lefties – the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause connection loss.

The organisation said it had tested three separate iPhone 4s in a controlled environment, as well as other AT&T handsets to ensure it was a problem with the handset rather than the network. None of those phones had the signal-loss problems of the iPhone 4, says the consumer watchdog.

Consumer Reports say their findings call in to question the recent claim by Apple that the iPhone 4′s signal strength issues were largely an optical illusion caused by faulty software that mistakenly displays two more bars that it should for a given signal strength.

Ugly though it seems, the problem could be solved by covering the antenna gap on the lower left-hand corner of the iPhone 4 with tape.

Problems with the iPhone 4′s signal strength and reception have been well-documented in recent weeks, and have lead to some lively discussions on Apple’s own support forums. However, some users are now complaining that a thread on the forum, linking to the Consumer Reports’ article, has been repeatedly deleted. Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, still contains a cache of the discussion.

A user called TJ Luoma commented on The Unofficial Apple Weblog, a site dedicated to Apple products and announcements:

“I’m not prone to hysterics or a subscriber to conspiracy theories, but it’s fairly hard to imagine any good way to interpret this.”

“This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Apple deleting discussion board threads on topics which are unflattering to Apple’s products. It’s closer to the fiftieth time. In fact, we’ve heard so many reports about this happening that it seems safe to call this standard operating procedure for Apple’s discussion boards.

“That’s not to say that there are no negative threads on the discussion boards, but the ones that are there are the ones that Apple’s moderators have decided to leave active.”

Apple has refused to comment on the iPhone 4 reception issues.

What are your thoughts about the iPhone 4′s problems. Leave your comments below.

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Apple says software won’t fix iPhone 4.0

Posted on 08 July 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

Apple has refused to fix the antennae problem with the new iPhone 4.0.

Apple has refused to fix the antennae problem with the new iPhone 4.0.

Apple says signal problems with iPhone 4 will not be resolved by a software update.

The tech giant says a upcoming software update will fix a problem with the iPhone 4 falsely displaying “bars”, but it will not resolve the signal problem caused when the phone’s antennae is obscured. This comes after a widely reported problem related to the signal dropping out or decreasing when an iPhone 4 user’s left hand covers one of the phone’s antennae.

Apple has urged user’s to avoid holding the phone in a way that covers the antenna, or to invest in a £25 plastic “bumper” which fits over the stainless steel antennae band that runs around the phone. Apparently protecting the whole iPhone with a case would also help to negate this problem.

Users have argued that Apple must provide iPhone 4 users with free bumpers to resolve the issue, while many have criticised the company’s “arrogant” approach to handling the problem.

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iPhone4 battery leads way for Androids to follow

Posted on 25 June 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

The iPhone4 has a longer battery life than other Android phones.

The iPhone4 has a longer battery life than other Android phones.

Apple has found a way around the iPhone’s dismal battery life.

After the iPhone 4 release, credible sources are now reporting that their iPhone life has surpassed anything they have ever experienced with the iPhone.

When the new iPhone was released Apple CEO Steve Jobs jumped on the battery life issue, saying, “Because we’ve made the battery bigger and the A4 is so good with power management, we’ve improved the battery life. 7 hours 3G talk time, 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours Wi-Fi browsing, 40 hours of music, and 300 hours of standby.”

Here are some other quotes going around the web about the new iPhone.

One thing I’ve noticed is how much lighter it feels than the other big Android phone. – PC Magazine
Battery life is up, allowing users to run more than one app at a time, switching between them instantly without slowing performance. – The Star
The battery life on the iPhone 4 has been outstanding thus far, exceeding our expectations for longevity during testing. – PC World
Talk about endless battery life! – New York Times
Greater resolution, multitasking, the revolutionary FaceTime video calling, longer battery life and a 5 megapixel camera are just some of the benefits. – The Guardian
The new iPhone is thinner, faster and more powerful than previous versions, with a better display and improved battery life. – MarketWatch

Let’s hope other Android phones soon follow suit and get their batteries to last longer.
What are your thoughts about the iPhone’s battery life? Please comment below.

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Tech Wars: Facebook CEO slates iPhone

Posted on 15 June 2010 by SlimboCA

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has an iPhone, but apparently he’s not very happy with it.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has slated Apple's iPhone on Facebook.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has slated Apple's iPhone on Facebook.

The cyber boss says the mobile phone is not very mobile, and not much of a phone. In a post to his Facebook wall Zuckerberg says he bought the phone and within one week he already had to buy landline phone service in order to make calls, and a whole mess of chargers in order to move the Apple device from place to place.

The iPhone’s groundbreaking form factor and operating system is of course undeniable, which is probably why Zuckerberg wants to keep his iPhone. The iPhone carrier AT&T’s problems with phone calls are well known, but Zuckerberg’s battery life issues are not normal. The 26-year-old social network chief definitely uses more power than usual, and he’s already been scolded by a flight attendant for overusing his new iPhone on a flight.

Apple better give Zuckeerberg a longer-lasting iPhone 4 to replace his 3GS before he switches allegiance to your dreaded rival Google. Maybe Zuckerberg wants one for free, that’s why he made that post.

Here is the post Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page:


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Video: Apple iPad Becomes Expensive Cat Toy

Posted on 16 April 2010 by GranTorinoGuy


I can see it now, Steve Jobs enters the stage, introduces the new iPad and starts to highlight the feature that entertains your cat. That’s right, someone thought it would be great to introduce a Cat App that allows people to let their Cat play with their new iPad. That is probably the most expensive cat toy I have seen. Hope those claws on that cat are clipped! What do you think about the idea? Check out the video below!

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iPad Could Kill the Print Publishing Industry?

Posted on 08 February 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

Apple CEO Steve Jobs shows off the new iPad at the launch.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs shows off the new iPad at the launch.

Apple’s new iPad computer tablet is set to take the tech industry by storm. The iPad is merely a portable tablet computer designed for web surfing, emailing, viewing photos, reading books and playing music, yet the level of interest in it has been incredible. When Apple invited journalists to an event on January 27, 2010, the Internet immediately went bonkers and began speculating. So much so that when the iPad did rear its beautiful head, many critics resorted to making a mockery of the tablet.

When Apple first launched the iPod there were definitely some doubts, but the company has since sold more than 250 million of them. In the process, the iPod changed the way the public obtains music. The music industry was left reeling from the realization that people now have no interest in going to a record store and buying a CD anymore.

As Apple’s online music store, and its imitators, is changing the face of music retail for ever, their iPhone set new standards in mobile handsets, and their App Store is likewise threatening a major change to the way people buy and use software.

It seems that people really do prefer the convenience of an online store where they can pay small amounts of money for the piece of software they happen to be needing, and it seems there is a chance that the iPad is going to do the same thing to the book, magazine and newspaper sectors.

The iPad is 24cm high, 19 cm wide and 1.5cm thick, and sports a 24cm (diagonal) touch screen, WiFi, and a few other controls. It has a claimed battery life of 10 hours, comes in 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB capacities, and can be used for surfing the Internet, watching video, viewing photos, listening to music, and other computer tasks such as word processing and “spreadsheeting” – if there is such a word.

One of the most hyped iPad features is that it will be able to interface with Apple’s new iBooks store where users can buy and download books, magazines and newspapers to read while they are out and about. There are lots of e-book readers available but they are still quite expensive and really only suitable for displaying text.

Apple is banking on the fact that the iPad will prove popular because it doesn’t cost much more than one of the existing e-book readers and can do so much more. The iPad is lacking in certain ways. It cannot do more than one thing at a time, and there is a lot of heated discussion going on in the Internet forums about whether it will succeed because of this.

My feeling is that the iPad is going to revolutionize the print business, just as the iPod changed the music industry. If I were a print publisher at the moment, I would move to make sure my content was available as fast, both for the iPad, and the imitators that will follow.

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Apple Tablet Ahead of the Game

Posted on 25 January 2010 by SlimboCA

Apple Tablet Apple’s much awaited Tablet computer is a major gaming platform, analysts say. A large amount of video games publications have been invited to the event in San Francisco on Wednesday. The recent lack of announcements from several major iPhone game developers is being suggested as an indication that a number of major announcements are imminent.

Crunchgear reports that either Mirror’s Edge or World of Goo could debut on Wednesday, while the New York Times is also suggesting that the multi-touch interface popularized on the iPhone could be adapted for gaming on a larger 10-inch screen.

Mobile analytics firm Flurry, claims that the new tablet will also include applications built to fill “those in-between moments while in transit”, such as location-based information allowing users to search for nearby restaurants.

Flurry revealed that it found roughly 50 devices that “match the characteristics of Apple’s rumored tablet device,” operating from Apple’s Cupertino campus in California. The analysts say someone at Apple’s campus has been playing with applications containing Flurry’s tracking code.

Peter Farago, Flurry’s vice president of marketing wrote on the company’s blog:

“We have a fair level of confidence that we are observing a group of pre-release tablets in testing. Testing of this device increased dramatically in January, with observed signs of life as early as October of last year.”

Flurry claims it has seen roughly 200 applications used by Apple’s testers running an updated version of Apple’s iPhone OS.

In addition, analysts indicate that the tablet will include some applications aimed at classrooms and businesses, like a new version of Office-suite iWork maybe.

The emerging theme across all of these rumors is the extension of the iPhone’s multi-touch interface to a range of uses that have not previously benefited from the technology. It is, however, in line with what Microsoft is also predicting as the future of computing with its touch integration in Windows 7.

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Top Tech Gadgets of CES 2009

Posted on 13 January 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest consumer technology trade show.

This year it featured 2700 exhibitors, but it wasn’t simply about showcasing the latest TVs and audio systems; a range of new products emerged that could redefine how technology will be used to interact in future.

Top 10 Gadgets of CES 2009


The biggest trend at CES this year was definitely three dimensionality. Following the hype surrounding James Cameron’s hit 3D flick, Avatar, the major television makers all touted 3D as the next step in the evolution of home entertainment. Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and JVC all showcased glorious high-definition 3D TVs, but it was Panasonic’s TC-PVT2 that ran away with first prize, winning technology site CNet’s coveted award for the best product on show. Apart from 3D TV sets, there were dual-lens 3D camcorders, laptops that convert 2D content to 3D, and 3D video games, with Sony showing 3D versions of Gran Turismo 5 and Avatar on the PS3. Still a relatively new technology with various methods for producing depth in images, it remains to be seen if consumers will spend money on 3D, especially as people have just begun upgrading to HD. We hope the next generation of 3D TVs find a way to ditch the ridiculous polarized glasses.


Guaranteed to be as indispensable as your smart phone in the near future, portable electronic reading devices were some of the hottest gadgets on display. Forget Kindle and the Nook, though; the third generation of e-readers go far beyond simply displaying electronic books on easy-to-read ePaper screens. Plastic Logic showed off the full-touch Que e-reader, which is designed to replace all business uses for printed paper, with support for PDF documents, a calendar, as well as displaying magazines and newspapers in their original printed layout. Taking e-reader technology a step further, Qualcomm showed its full-colour Mirasol display, which combines the low power usage and readability of ePaper displays with the colour capabilities of an LCD screen and has greatly improved readability in indoor and outdoor conditions. Mirasol technology is also rumoured to be in the new generation of Kindle e-readers.

Tablets and Smartbooks

CES also pointed to the emergence of two new categories in computing. Smartbooks are mini laptops that aim to bridge the gap between smart phones and netbooks, combining the connectivity of a mobile phone with the ease of use of a netbook. Lenovo’s skinny Skylight Smartbook is designed as an app-based, Internet-ready device running on a Linux platform with a high-definition screen and 10 hours of battery life, all in a package that weighs just less than 1kg.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer was the first to introduce a full touch-controlled tablet PC at CES in his opening keynote, showing off the unnamed HP tablet. Running Windows 7, the sleek HP tablet features an accelerometer and support for multi-touch gestures. Sony also had one of the most talked about gadgets at CES in the Dash Mobile Internet Device, a sort of mini-tablet the size of a digital alarm clock, designed to provide easy access to Internet applications while streaming multi-media content from the Net and your home media network.

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