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Google Chrome Adds ‘Reset’ Feature For Detecting & Preventing Browser Hijacker Actions

Posted on 06 February 2014 by GranTorinoGuy

Google has upped the ante when it comes to internet security by adding a new feature to prevent browser hijacking on top of its ability to quickly reset browser settings. This new feature will now prompt users when the browser detects that it has been hijacked by an add-on or other software just installed.

Browser Hijackers are a serious issue and are growing by the minute. Usually PC users get browser hijackers on their system through the download of Freeware or some type of shareware program. Once this app installs, it will load a browser hijacker program that changes internet settings to load an alternate default home page on your browser.

The new browser hijacker detection system on Google Chrome will now display an alert asking if you would like to reset altered Chrome settings. This alert comes about in the event that it noticed another program attempting to change default or current settings within the browser, mainly being the default home page or default search engine site.

Google Chrome already had a quick reset option built into it but it took the action of the computer user to use it and most times it was too late after a browser hijacker conducted its malicious actions.

We look for this new feature to be very beneficial for computer users in the case that aggressive browser hijackers are installed and attempt to alter your settings, it can be stopped dead in its tracks. However, it is still in a computer user’s best interest to completely remove any browser hijacker software on their system. Allowing browser hijackers to continually run on your system may initiate this feature to display its alerts each time you open up a new browser window until the hijacker is completely removed.

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