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Alert: Bizarre Text Message Causing iPhones and iOS Devices to Crash and Reboot

Posted on 28 May 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

Most people have concluded that Apple has run a tight ship in the aspect of keeping their iOS devices free of malware and potential security threats. However, there are several iOS devices crashing and rebooting all from a bizarre text message.

A bug in the current version of iOS was discovered by several Reddit users recently where a specialized text message can be sent and then cause a device running iOS to reboot. Basically, iPhones are susceptible to being remotely rebooted by receiving a text message that contains several Arabic characters.

In looking at the text message causing this issue on iOS devices, researchers find that the bug in iOS picks up on a specific line of text sent within iMessage or SMS. The techie folks at the Guardian attempted to replicate the bug through sending the particular text message and were only successful in one out of 50 attempts as the string that causes a reboot must be typed out in an exact fashion. This means if even one character or space is off, the mischievous text will not work to reboot the device.

Currently, there has not been a specific reason for the bug being used other than to be annoying and a laughable prank. Users of iOS devices who have experienced the issue are taking to social media, such as on Twitter and Facebook, to vent their frustrations and potentially wage the text message bug war on someone else. Yes, you too can crash another iOS device if you have the exact message ready to send to someone.

It is not the first time that a bug within iOS has caused similar issues on devices running the operating system. There have been bugs within third party apps in the past the allowed attackers to flood iOS devices with information to cause them to crash. During such a time, the Apple store removed the app and pretty much nipped the situation in the bud. With this text message iOS crashing situation, there will need to be a full update to iOS and Apple will be required to release an update to fix this bug. Until then, iPhones and other iOS devices receiving this bizarre text message will continue to crash and reboot.

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