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Viator Data Breach Аffects 1.4 Million Customers

Posted on 25 September 2014 by SlimboCA

The credit card details of 880 000 customers plus the email addresses and passwords of 560 000 customers may have been compromised.

Viator, a travel website that was recently purchased by TripAdvisor for $200million, reported a data breach that may have compromised customer payment card and contact information, alongside with encrypted passwords.

On September 2nd, the payment card service provider of Viator has notified the company about unauthorized changes on a few of their customer’s credit cards. The firm has immediately informed law enforcement about the issue and hired forensic experts to investigate the incident.

The encrypted credit or debit card numbers, names, billing addresses and email addresses of ca 880,000 customers may have been compromised. The “nicknames” of some of those Viator customers may have also been exposed.

The “nicknames” of additional 560,000 customers, alongside their email addresses and passwords, may also have been compromised.

All of the customers have been advised to examine their credit card statements closely and inform the authorities for fraudulent activity. They have also been offered a free membership in Experian’s Protect MyID Alert service for a one-year-period.

All users are recommended to change their passwords at Viator. They are urged to do the same on any other webpages where they have the same login credentials.

The company informs that the following steps have been taken in response to the breach:

  • Viator applies additional security measures for their customers’ protection.
  • Investigating the issue with the assistance of leading forensics and security experts and law enforcement.
  • Improving their intrusion detection systems and security tools.

Eliminating the need to store credit and debit card details in their system.

Reportedly, shortly after the news about the breach, the stocks of TripAdvisor have dropped by 4 percent.

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