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20 Years Ago: When a 1.3 Megapixel Digital Camera Cost $20,000 and Stored 70 Images – Video

Posted on 16 July 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

We have come very far in terms of technological advancements. Today’s computers and digital devices are superior to those just a few years ago. We have more than enough computing power in our pockets to initiate and complete another mission to the moon, just have NASA supply the rockets and fuel.

Digital cameras are one way of “digitally” documenting our major advancements over a short period.. The introduction of digital cameras dates back 20 years ago when photography had its infancy in the digital realm. At the time, digital cameras were not easily attainable by the average Joe. Those who wanted to partake in the enjoyment of what professional digital cameras had to offer needed to fork over $20,000 and were only permitted to take around 70 images at 1.3 megapixels stored on a 131 MB card. Yes, those were the stats from 20 years ago.

The cheaper options were provided by Apple but never really took off. The video below is a virtual trip back to the past when digital cameras first came on the scene giving us a “whole new world.” The video is a must-watch for us techie folks as it may draw a stark contrast of the OLD versus today’s NEW in the area of digital photography. Wow, look around you and witness how times have changed! The digital camera, what a concept!

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