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Facebook Reportedly Tells Employees to Replace iPhones with Android Devices

Posted on 03 November 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

Facebook has literally taken over the lives of many people who consume the social network for hours on end every day, and they don’t even realize it. As it turns out, Facebook wants to dictate to their employees on what smartphone they should also be using as they reportedly tell workers to replace their iPhones with cheap Android devices.

As with anything, there is reason to the rhyme, as such, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, said in an interview with Wired that company employees were asked to give up on their iPhones and start using Android phones. His reason for this is that they need to try out the Android Facebook app and optimize it for emerging markets, where Android is believed to have a larger market share than iOS.

The fanboys are going to have a field day with this news to come out of Facebook on both ends of the iPhone iOS and Android spectrum.

iPhones have undoubtedly had some major success in many markets across the globe. When it comes to emerging markets, ones that are steadily adopting the use of Facebook, iOS may not have such a grasp on the population where Android is the dominating platform for smartphones and other mobile devices. Facebook knows this all-to-well and is thriving on making the Facebook app for Android the best yet so that there is seamless transition for markets that Facebook looks to grow in.

“I am mandating a switch of a whole bunch of my team over to Android, just because people, when left up to their own devices, will often prefer an iPhone,” Chris Cox is quoted as saying. “They can be reporting bugs and living in the same experience that most Facebook users experience today.”

The statement made by Chris Cox doesn’t necessary mandate that all employees should forget about the iOS version of the Facebook app. Facebook just has a plan to increase focus on Android and testing other methods that the public may access Facebook, such as through a slower 2G network.

Facebook is covering all angles with their growth, even with well over 1 billion estimated users. Sometimes giants want to have it all, and Facebook may just be the one to get it all.

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225,000 Jailbroken iPhone Accounts Hacked Racking Up Charges on Affected User iTunes Accounts

Posted on 01 September 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

Apple has long been the quintessential king for securing their devices and safeguarding them against hacking. As a turn events will have it, the iPhones and iOS devices that have been jailbroken, in the number of over 225,000 devices, have had their accounts hacked recently.

Jailbreaking has been a method for owners to access parts of a phone’s file system that is otherwise restricted for security reasons. Additionally, jailbreaking has been a popularized method to open up iPhones and other iOS devices so users may run 3rd party software or apps and do things outside of the iTunes and Apple infrastructure of “controlled” and approved apps. You can think of jailbreaking as a means of turning an iPhone into an open device much like smartphones running Android.

On the flip side of and consequences of jailbreaking an iPhone, it makes it vulnerable to malware that may be obtained through 3rd party apps downloaded and run on the jailbroken device. Such has happened recently where about 20,000 people have downloaded malicious software that is allowing them to steal account information from over 225,000 iPhone users who have their device jailbroken and vulnerable to attacks.

Hackers are rather clever in just about everything they do with some extra thought put into it. As such, hackers have uploaded software that lets other people purchase iTunes apps for free using victimized accounts belonging to Jailbroken iPhone users. Many of the victimized individuals report that their iTunes purchase history is now full of purchased they did not make themselves. The commonality among the users, reaching over 225,000 folks in total, are all using jailbroken iPhones or a jailbroken iPad.

Sometimes, as some may say now, jailbreaking an iPhone is just not worth the open customization benefits when it comes to a recent hacking attack like this. Jailbreaking your iPhone goes against Apple rules, and the purchases made against the users may have a hard time defending their case.

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Alert: Bizarre Text Message Causing iPhones and iOS Devices to Crash and Reboot

Posted on 28 May 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

Most people have concluded that Apple has run a tight ship in the aspect of keeping their iOS devices free of malware and potential security threats. However, there are several iOS devices crashing and rebooting all from a bizarre text message.

A bug in the current version of iOS was discovered by several Reddit users recently where a specialized text message can be sent and then cause a device running iOS to reboot. Basically, iPhones are susceptible to being remotely rebooted by receiving a text message that contains several Arabic characters.

In looking at the text message causing this issue on iOS devices, researchers find that the bug in iOS picks up on a specific line of text sent within iMessage or SMS. The techie folks at the Guardian attempted to replicate the bug through sending the particular text message and were only successful in one out of 50 attempts as the string that causes a reboot must be typed out in an exact fashion. This means if even one character or space is off, the mischievous text will not work to reboot the device.

Currently, there has not been a specific reason for the bug being used other than to be annoying and a laughable prank. Users of iOS devices who have experienced the issue are taking to social media, such as on Twitter and Facebook, to vent their frustrations and potentially wage the text message bug war on someone else. Yes, you too can crash another iOS device if you have the exact message ready to send to someone.

It is not the first time that a bug within iOS has caused similar issues on devices running the operating system. There have been bugs within third party apps in the past the allowed attackers to flood iOS devices with information to cause them to crash. During such a time, the Apple store removed the app and pretty much nipped the situation in the bud. With this text message iOS crashing situation, there will need to be a full update to iOS and Apple will be required to release an update to fix this bug. Until then, iPhones and other iOS devices receiving this bizarre text message will continue to crash and reboot.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Seeks Prominence Over Other Smartphones

Posted on 31 March 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

A quick touchy feely run-down of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The smartphone war is a perpetual battle that has no end. With every new release of a smartphone, the world tends to rock on its axis as the lovely public takes to the internet to find out if it is better than the last smartphone to hit the market. With the introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, there seems to be a lot of sifting and justification to moving to the hottest smartphone from the South Korean company.

Samsung has certainly made a monumental name for themselves. They are everyone you look, whether it be chips inside of the Apple iPhone, the brand stamped on your new flat screen TV, or a name the synonymous with mainstream electronics and household appliances. Some may go as far as to think Samsung is the new-age Sony. I can see that.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may not be just another notch in the belt for smartphones. It could very well be paramount for Samsung where the critics are getting enough garnered attention for the company to make some more bold moves in their design and implementation of their latest smartphone.

In their attempt to seek prominence over other smartphones, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features a slim, stylish and powerful makeup. Its unique design with the curved glass edges has been marked by most as the most desirable S6 so far. As the flagship of Samsung’s smartphone lineup, the S6 Edge boasts an Exynos 14nm 64-bit Octa Core processor. You can get the Galaxy S6 Edge in 64GB or 128GB versions all with a large 5.1-inch 2560×1440 pixel Super AMOLED display. With such a display, you would be hard-pressed to physically find a single pixel, even if you stared at it for hours upon hours – thought I would not recommend that.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge brings more of the same but with a flare in using the Android OS. Many of the expected features are now faster, such as the ability to use NFC for payments. The pitfalls of the new Galaxy S6 Edge are few, but something worth mentioning, as you don’t have a SD card slot and removable battery. The Apple fanboys are already having a field day with this faux pas. The irony stretches pretty far with this one as Samsung was synonymous with providing a removable battery compartment and an SD card slot for upgrading your storage or just swapping out some photos from another device. Yeah, this isn’t going to win a battle over everything else on the market. The last “bad” part would be the fingerprint sensor; it seems to be a bit finicky through use. However, it does register but not with much consistency.

In living with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you will notice how it finds a proper spot in your jeans pocket. It is like the curved glass edges match the ends of your pocket, and it slips down to a spot not to budge out of your outer thighs. Are you happy to see me? No, it’s just that my Galaxy S6 Edge has disappeared into my pants pocket.

Getting down the price of the Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung could have trumped any shortcomings in their latest smartphone when it comes to the Galaxy S6. With the Galaxy S6 Edge, you can voice your opinion now while we plug our ears. The S6 Edge is respectfully $100 more over the Galaxy S6. For a price starting at $299 with a 2-year contract for the 32GB model and ramping up to $399 for the 64GB and then 499 for the 128GB, that missing SD card slot means more now than ever.

I can say, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is more than meets the eye, it is, after all, the best smartphone on the market, along with – dare I say, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Geez, be sure to let us know your thoughts on our quick run-down.

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Can You Feel the iPhone 6 Plus Bending in Your Pocket?

Posted on 25 September 2014 by SlimboCA

There is a new Apple scandal on the horizon – Apparently the new iPhone 6 Plus has the bends, but they are not quite enthusiastically accepted by the public.

Obviously the new iPhone 6 Plus can bend a lot easier than most users would have ever expected. The apparent reason for its “flexibility” lies in the aluminum metal case and the thinner design. Combined, they cause the deform that for some users may present a big problem.

Theoretically, if you apply enough pressure, you can bend or even break anything. You can probably also bend iPhone 5S, but this won’t be as easy as you can with the Plus. The reason for this is simple – iPhone 6 Plus is larger and thinner.

Reports about similar issues have been released earlier this year, for example, Sony Xperia Z1. But, unfortunately, in the case of Apple, the reputation of their devices makes any fault more serious than the ones discovered in their competitor’s products.

Truth be told, there is actually quite a lot of force required in order to bend iPhone 6 Plus. There have been videos circling on the Web showing users applying a lot of pressure on the device before it actually bends. So, the chance of the iPhone 6 Plus being deformed even if you sit on it is very low.

But the user’s anger is understandable. People do not expect their quite expensive phone to bend in their pocket. Definitely not from Apple. The newly released device has already been given the name “bend-gate”.

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Apple Patents Curved Touch Screens Hinting Towards Next Mobile Tech Craze

Posted on 10 December 2013 by GranTorinoGuy

Everyone is always on the hunt for the next best thing but in the interim we suspect that curved touch screens will be a hit amongst mobile devices as Apple has just received a patent for curved touchscreens and displays.

According to AppleInsider, the method Apple patented is designed to create a curved screen that remains to be fully touch sensitive without any distortion. Such a display is hinted towards use not only in upcoming iPhones or other mobile devices, but in items like an upcoming magic mouse or even another desktop application device.

Curved screens can almost be thought of something old becoming new again only this time it is in the ‘flat’ screen vernacular, without any pun intended. With Apple filing such a patent it would mean the current curved glass mobile devices from competitors like LG and Samsung will all be a part of a new family of screens that evade the normal flat design.

In a Bloomberg report in November experts went out on a ledge and guessed that the company is working on a curved glass iPhone for release in late 2014 and at the same time building out better touch input for future devices. This current patent certainly lines up with this thinking.

Of course the true benefits of curved glass have yet to see the light of day outside of being just a fashion fad. Maybe something else is up with the whole curved screen idea, or patent in Apple’s case.

What do you think about curved touch screens or curved glass devices? Any benefit to them over current mobile devices or tablets?

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Five biggest Tech ‘flops’ in 2010

Posted on 07 December 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

Some other gadgets which proved popular in 2010.

Some other gadgets which proved popular in 2010.

These are not the top five biggest technology flops this year. But they certainly did not live up the expectations they promised when they were unveiled earlier this year. We’ll work our way from the bottom up.

5. Apple iPad

Well this is the pick that we’re probably going to take the most flak over, but it deserves to be on the list and here’s why: The iPad has been a mega-hit, there’s no denying that. With over 7 million of them were sold in its first six months on the market, it has changed the computing industry more than any single product has in the past decade.

But, the iPad has been hyped to the point that too many people are thinking of it as full laptop replacement. Well, unfortunately it is not. While the iPad has definitely devoured the lower end of the laptop market, especially netbooks, you have to keep in mind that most of those buyers are looking for a second, more portable machine. In business, the iPad is a great fit for consultants and field workers who are not sitting behind desks but are out interacting with customers, and also for executives who spend all day in meetings. However, it’s still not that great for people who need to sit down and efficiently plow through a lot of work. And that’s a lot of people!

4. Microsoft Kinect

Bill Gates was talking about this product for years, even long before it even had a name. When Nintendo Wii came out, Gates said the real innovation would be when you could play a tennis video game while holding your own racket instead of a game controller. To Microsoft’s credit, the company has almost entirely brought that vision to life with Microsoft Kinect, a new add-on for Xbox 360 which is already flying off the shelves this festive season.

The Kinect is a pretty cool experience (when it works) as it allows you to jump into a video game to play football, kick soccer balls and run obstacle courses right in the middle of your living room, without breaking anything. It’s great exercise and it’s quite accurate at the best of times. It doesn’t work too well in rooms with direct sunlight though and the facial recognition feature is absolutely awful. Plus the navigating menus with the gesture interface is annoyingly slow.

The Kinect is a very cool innovation, but it’s very gimmicky and raw, and it doesn’t work as well as the commercials say.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab

The most innovative thing about the Galaxy Tab is that Samsung was the first vendor to finally bring an Android tablet to the mass market. We’ve been hearing all year that an army of Android tablets would be invading in waves. It never happened, mainly because Google never released a tablet version of Android and threw cold water on the early vendors that attempted to do their own Android tablet adaptations.

Samsung took its successful Galaxy S line of Android smartphones and kicked it up a notch into a 7-inch Android tablet, and voilà, out popped the Galaxy Tab. While Samsung did an excellent job with the hardware, the software leaves a lot to be desired and the product is badly overpriced. The Galaxy Tab has been portrayed as the iPad’s first real competitor, but I’d recommend waiting until the price drops, or until Google releases the official tablet version of Android, and the other big vendors release their Android tablets in the first half of 2011.

2. Google TV

Google TV is disappointing, to say the least. If Google focused on bringing Android apps to the flatscreen instead of trying to webify the television experience, this product may have worked. It has been said that apps in Google TV will transform entertainment by essentially lowering the bar on creating a TV “channel,” and not just an old school cable channel but a fully multimedia-enabled interactive channel.

That’s still possible, but it would require a strategy change. What the Google has attempted to do with this product is marry Web video with traditional cable/satellite all controlled by one box that you can use to search for the content you want. Unfortunately, the user experience is confusing and tedious. If you really want Web pages and Web video clips on your TV, just hook up a PC or a Mac for goodness sake. If you want fast content from the Internet (podcasts, Netflix streaming, Hulu Plus, etc.) delivered in a TV-like experience, get a Roku box, it’s a third of the price of Google TV.

1. 3DTV

This is an even bigger gimmick than Microsoft Kinect. The craze started at the CES 2010 earlier this year and carried all the way through to this holiday season. The TV vendors told the world that the next big step in television is 3DTV and that you can have it today by buying their new premium TVs and polarized glasses. The problem is that neither the tech press nor the public is buying it.

In January, it was obvious that TV vendors saw 3DTV as “the next big thing” to keep people buying new TVs and to get early adapters to replace their newly-purchased flat panels with 3D models. The tech press sniffed this out right away at CES 2010 and panned the idea, knowing that buyers don’t want to replace the new TVs they’ve just purchased in recent years and even fewer will want to wear 3D glasses in their own living rooms. But, vendors are still trying to ram 3DTVs down consumers throats with big displays at Best Buy, Costco, and other retailers this holiday season.

Which other gadgets do you think should make the list. Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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Apple says software won’t fix iPhone 4.0

Posted on 08 July 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

Apple has refused to fix the antennae problem with the new iPhone 4.0.

Apple has refused to fix the antennae problem with the new iPhone 4.0.

Apple says signal problems with iPhone 4 will not be resolved by a software update.

The tech giant says a upcoming software update will fix a problem with the iPhone 4 falsely displaying “bars”, but it will not resolve the signal problem caused when the phone’s antennae is obscured. This comes after a widely reported problem related to the signal dropping out or decreasing when an iPhone 4 user’s left hand covers one of the phone’s antennae.

Apple has urged user’s to avoid holding the phone in a way that covers the antenna, or to invest in a £25 plastic “bumper” which fits over the stainless steel antennae band that runs around the phone. Apparently protecting the whole iPhone with a case would also help to negate this problem.

Users have argued that Apple must provide iPhone 4 users with free bumpers to resolve the issue, while many have criticised the company’s “arrogant” approach to handling the problem.

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Cool app turns iPhone 4.0 into photo booth [Video]

Posted on 05 July 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

IncrediBooth is a cool iPhone 4 application that can save you time and money.

It converts your new iPhone onto a photo booth and saves the pics in photo-strip format.

Check it out:

Powered By: VideoBuzz

What do you think about this new application. Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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iPhone4 battery leads way for Androids to follow

Posted on 25 June 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

The iPhone4 has a longer battery life than other Android phones.

The iPhone4 has a longer battery life than other Android phones.

Apple has found a way around the iPhone’s dismal battery life.

After the iPhone 4 release, credible sources are now reporting that their iPhone life has surpassed anything they have ever experienced with the iPhone.

When the new iPhone was released Apple CEO Steve Jobs jumped on the battery life issue, saying, “Because we’ve made the battery bigger and the A4 is so good with power management, we’ve improved the battery life. 7 hours 3G talk time, 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours Wi-Fi browsing, 40 hours of music, and 300 hours of standby.”

Here are some other quotes going around the web about the new iPhone.

One thing I’ve noticed is how much lighter it feels than the other big Android phone. – PC Magazine
Battery life is up, allowing users to run more than one app at a time, switching between them instantly without slowing performance. – The Star
The battery life on the iPhone 4 has been outstanding thus far, exceeding our expectations for longevity during testing. – PC World
Talk about endless battery life! – New York Times
Greater resolution, multitasking, the revolutionary FaceTime video calling, longer battery life and a 5 megapixel camera are just some of the benefits. – The Guardian
The new iPhone is thinner, faster and more powerful than previous versions, with a better display and improved battery life. – MarketWatch

Let’s hope other Android phones soon follow suit and get their batteries to last longer.
What are your thoughts about the iPhone’s battery life? Please comment below.

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