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iPhone exec falls from Apple tree in ‘Antennagate’

Posted on 10 August 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

Apple CEO Steve Jobs still insists that iPhone 4 users are holding the phone wrong and that the reception problem is one shared by many other smartphones.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs still insists that iPhone 4 users are holding the phone wrong and that the reception problem is one shared by many other smartphones.

Apple’s ongoing “Antennagate” saga has left a senior executive jobless.

Mark Papermaster, the Apple executive in charge of iPhone engineering, has left the company just weeks after the “Antennagate” controversy caused all sorts of problems for Apple. Disgruntled users made numerous complaints of poor reception on the company’s latest smartphone the iPhone 4.

Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling says Papermaster has been replaced by Bob Mansfield. Dowling has refused to reveal the reason for Papermaster’s departure.

The Apple iPhone 4 was released in June and it was an instant hit with consumers. But reports soon spread about reception problems and snowballed into a publicity crisis when Apple was forced to call a press conference to tackle the matter.

Papermaster was not at the press conference on July 16. Mansfield, who will take over for him, now oversees Macintosh hardware engineering. Mansfield apparently manages groups that create many of the key technologies for the iPhone and iPod touch, including the A4 chip, Retina display and touch screens. Papermaster started working at Apple in November of 2008, after he was lured away from IBM, where he worked for 25 years.

IBM sued Papermaster after his departure, saying he agreed to avoid working for any competitor for a year. A federal court initially barred Papermaster from working for Apple, but the lawsuit was eventually resolved and he began work for Apple in April of 2009.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs remains adamant that there is nothing wrong with the iPhone 4, saying that the reception problem is one shared by many other smartphones. Jobs’ thoughts on the issue were revealed in a leaked document.

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Applegate: The iPhone saga continues…

Posted on 16 July 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a week from hell due to iPhone 4.0 issues.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a week from hell due to iPhone 4.0 issues.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs must be happy to have seen the back of a terrible week.

Pcoverdose.com has broken down the news, which included an Apple press conference at short notice, a software update to adjust the iPhone signal display, and disappearing discussion threads on Apple’s support boards.

Did we miss anything? Here’s summary:

Steve Jobs promises free iPhone 4 bumpers: Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised free bumpers for all iPhone 4 owners during a press conference last Friday while arguing that the antenna problems with Apple’s new device are endemic to all smartphones.

Minuscule Apple-branded display emerges: What could Apple be doing with a 3x3cm display? We’re not all that sure, but we’re willing to go out on a limb and say that Apple isn’t about to announce an “iWatch.”

Mysterious disappearance of iPhone 4 discussions: Apple allegedly deleted threads about the iPhone 4′s antenna problems in the wake of Consumer Reports backtracking on its recommendation. Sound familiar?

Jobs warned of potential iPhone 4 antenna issues: A day before Apple’s last-minute, invite-only press conference covering the iPhone 4, a new report revealed that one of Apple’s senior engineers warned management that the device’s antenna design could lead to reception problems.

iOS 4.0.1 tweaks bar display, doesn’t fix signal drop: Apple has released iOS 4.0.1, meant to fix up the iPhone bar display so that users have a more realistic picture of what kind of signal they’re getting. The update doesn’t fix the signal drop that some users are seeing, however.

The iPhone 4 antenna issue has been widely reported, but how does it actually affect users? Tell us your experience by commenting below:

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‘Sorry, but we can’t recommend the iPhone 4′

Posted on 13 July 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

This image shows the lighter side of the iPhone 4's antenna problems.

This image shows the lighter side of the iPhone 4's antenna problems.

An independent US consumer watchdog has slated Apple’s iPhone 4.

Consumer Reports says due to the new phone’s reception problem, they cannot recommend the iPhone 4 to consumers. The company’s engineers had completed extensive tests on Apple’s iPhone 4, and have confirmed that there is an issue with reception.

When a user’s finger or hand touches a spot on the phone’s lower left side – an easy thing, especially for lefties – the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause connection loss.

The organisation said it had tested three separate iPhone 4s in a controlled environment, as well as other AT&T handsets to ensure it was a problem with the handset rather than the network. None of those phones had the signal-loss problems of the iPhone 4, says the consumer watchdog.

Consumer Reports say their findings call in to question the recent claim by Apple that the iPhone 4′s signal strength issues were largely an optical illusion caused by faulty software that mistakenly displays two more bars that it should for a given signal strength.

Ugly though it seems, the problem could be solved by covering the antenna gap on the lower left-hand corner of the iPhone 4 with tape.

Problems with the iPhone 4′s signal strength and reception have been well-documented in recent weeks, and have lead to some lively discussions on Apple’s own support forums. However, some users are now complaining that a thread on the forum, linking to the Consumer Reports’ article, has been repeatedly deleted. Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, still contains a cache of the discussion.

A user called TJ Luoma commented on The Unofficial Apple Weblog, a site dedicated to Apple products and announcements:

“I’m not prone to hysterics or a subscriber to conspiracy theories, but it’s fairly hard to imagine any good way to interpret this.”

“This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Apple deleting discussion board threads on topics which are unflattering to Apple’s products. It’s closer to the fiftieth time. In fact, we’ve heard so many reports about this happening that it seems safe to call this standard operating procedure for Apple’s discussion boards.

“That’s not to say that there are no negative threads on the discussion boards, but the ones that are there are the ones that Apple’s moderators have decided to leave active.”

Apple has refused to comment on the iPhone 4 reception issues.

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