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Beware of Netflix Phishing Scam Tricking Customers with Fake Member Services

Posted on 05 March 2014 by GranTorinoGuy

Netflix is a giant in the scheme of streaming movies and movie rentals through the mail. They reportedly have over 40 million subscribers around the world. As it turns out, hackers and cybercrooks are attempting to scam users with a new phishing technique preying on the blind trust of customer service representatives.

In what appears to be a phishing campaign from a fake Netflix customer service number, users are being exploited in a way where they are presented with an “Important Notice” claiming that unusual activity was detected on the Netflix account. The user is given a 1-800 number on the screen with an error code to reference. Users who call up the number the rogue represented instructs the user to go through a process where the so-called service rep is able to connect to the user’s computer through the remote control software Teamviewer. From there, the fake agent searches the system for banking information or other personal data they can use for potential identity theft of theft of money from an online banking account.

This new phishing technique is rather clever but it is not the first of its kind. Scammers have long been known to use fake customer service setups to exploit gullible computer users. In the case of the Netflix phishing scam, users are easily victimized because of how clever the “Important Notice” error message is.

There are a lot of issues and red flags to point out about the whole scam starting with the message as it is never a case where Netflix would warn you through your computer on an alert message of unusual activity on your Netflix account. Additionally, a service agent at Netflix would never connect to your computer to resolve a supposed issue causing such an error message.

The video below is the complete phishing scam in action where a computer may have redirected you to a malicious site and then initiate the scam. The video also goes through the full conversation with the said member services, which is a complete scam even claiming that there is a hacker on the computer causing the issue.

We highly advice computer users to utilize caution with such messages as the fake Netflix “Important Notice”. These scammers are sneaky and they don’t want to help you, they want to hurt you badly through stealing from you by any means necessary within their power.

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