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Brazil Soccer Coach Dunga gets Blue Eye in Malware Attack

Posted on 03 June 2010 by SlimboCA

Hackers are using the FIFA World Cup to lure victims in malware attacks.

This is the picture of Brazil Coach Carlos Dunga which hackers are using to con computer users into downloading malware onto their systems.

This is the picture of Brazil Coach Carlos Dunga which hackers are using to con computer users into downloading malware onto their systems.

Brazilian national soccer coach Carlos Dunga is the first popular world cup figure to be used as bait by cyber criminals.

The hackers are using email spam – which appears to be a page from a popular Brazilian newspaper – claiming that Dunga has been involved in a vicious assault. The coach was allegedly punched in the face by two angry fans because two players – Neymar and Ganso – had not been selected in his 23-man team for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa later this month.

Besides offering a very poorly modified picture of the coach, this scam also contained a link to pictures of the fight, but link leads to a corrupt website: hxxp://ml210-202-198-66.vdslpro.static.apol.com.tw/[REMOVED]/index.asp?

The link redirects unwary World Cup fans to another website, which belongs to the Malaysian government (according the domain .GOV.MY ) and which appears to be hacked: hxxp://kew.mida.gov.my/[REMOVED]agressao_dunga.exe

The file which claims to contain photos related of the fight is really a Trojan which specializes in capturing banking credentials. With the World Cup only eight days away, many more of these scams will surely arise.

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Santa’s Trojan Horse Spoils Xmas

Posted on 02 January 2010 by GranTorinoGuy

Computer users are being spoiled rotten this Christmas. Another piece of malware purporting to be a message from Santa is delivering surprise gifts over the Internet disguised in an electronic greetings card.

The Trojan horse “MerryX.A” is delivered in an email that encourages the recipient to open an attached “animation.” While the animation of Santa Claus delivering presents plays, a piece of malware hiding behind the name “SQLServer.exe” is installed on PCs running Windows, according to security experts. The software transmits information about the infected computer to a remote server, and then attempts to download files, which could include other malware, experts say.

Earlier this week, security researchers identified an instant-messaging worm, IM.GiftCom.All. Once it has infected a computer, the worm searches the contact databases of installed IM applications, and sends messages to the contacts it finds, encouraging them to visit a Web site. If the recipients click on the link, the Web site attempts to download another piece of malware to infect their PCs, which in turn spread the message further.

The end-of-year holidays provide plenty of opportunities for malware writers to hone their social-engineering skills since Internet users are unsurprised to receive brief messages with a seasonal theme from long-lost friends or distant business contacts.This time last year, someone modified the Zafi email worm to spread itself in a message entitled “Merry Christmas.”

As at any other time of year, security researchers advise users that the best defense is to check out unsolicited attachments or Web links with the purported sender before opening or clicking on them.

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