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US Requiring HTTPS for all Public Government Websites

Posted on 09 June 2015 by GranTorinoGuy

Lately U.S. government websites have been the brunt of attacks where hackers found ways to deface some of them and collect sensitive data in other cases. To put a stop to this chaos, it is being mandated by the U.S. government that all public government websites utilizing the HTTPS security protocol.

HTTPS deployment is an assurance of a website having authenticated communications with the data sent back and forth over the internet. With HTTPS, which is known as HTTP over SSL or HTTP Secure, websites are encrypted and decrypted with the information that they transmit. Basically, use of HTTPS will make the data transmitted to and from government websites encrypted where attackers could not compromise the information or use it to wage an attack against the sites.

Computer users who often surf the web visiting financial sites or make purchases on legitimate shopping sites are accustomed to seeing a HTTPS site load where the URL field of most web browsers is highlighted green or shows a lock icon. In such cases of using HTTPS, the site prevents eavesdropping and will ultimately ensure the U.S. government of information transmitted over the vast internet being secure.

With the actions of the government making all publicly accessible sites use HTTPS, it will be difficult for third parties to intercept communications. In the end, this will fortify the U.S. government and make the sites secure for all users, not use those outside of the U.S. government.

The U.S. CIO, Tony Scott, said, “With this new requirement, the Federal web community seeks to drive faster internet-wide adoption of HTTPS and promote better privacy standards for the entire browsing public.”

With Edward Snowden’s many revelations about the U.S. government and their alleged snooping on the public, the irony gets thick as attackers and hacker activist groups wage war on many U.S. government sites that have proven to be vulnerable.

In March, the proposal of mandatory use of HTTPS was issued after the government started accepting comments on its plans from the security community and public. As it turns out, the consideration is a real thing and is in process of being deployed.

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700 Pound Woman: Makes the Best out of a Bad Economy by Eating A Lot

Posted on 13 July 2011 by GranTorinoGuy

A 700 pound woman in New Jersey, Donna Simpson, is attempting to claim the Guinness World Record’s title for the World’s Most Obese Woman by gaining an additional 300 pounds.

In today’s economy many of us would gladly be able to afford the vast amount of food that Simpson will need to accomplish her task. But she is not in it just to be the World Record holder, she is partly in this horrendous endeavor to make some extra cash on the side.

Donna Simpson, a mom already at 700 pounds, has a website, OfficialDonnaSimpson.com, that is geared toward memberships for people who want to admire over her being so overweight. So far Simpson has claimed that she has about 7,000 paying fans and makes about $100,000 annually from the site which helps pay her ‘overweight’ eating expenses of around $600 to $750 per week. At that rate, someone with not many obligations in life could basically live comfortably if that was their income instead of a grocery bill.

Could you imagine a grocery bill of around $700 a week?

I enjoy all-things technical and nerdy. One thing that I rather despise is wasting money especially when it comes my own money. With a $700 a week food bill, during today’s economy, you better have some type of decent income to cover that and your living expenses. Actually, Simpson has it all figured out, that is, if she does not meet her demise during the climb to 1,000 pounds. Unfortunately Simpson already suffers from high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. As if the 700-plus pounds was not bad enough, Simpson is looking at death in review mirror and it is only a matter of time that it catches up to her.

If you wish to give to this ridiculous cause, Simpsons fund, you can visit her website and get a membership for three days at $7.95 or a one-month for $19.95. Sure, anyone can make money off of a website but is this the ‘drastic’ way to go about it? Do you think she would have made more with just setting up a simple porn site and lost the extra weight?

Check out the exclusive news story video on Donna Simpson below. Warning: Some of the images are somewhat explicit. Also be sure you have a strong enough stomach before watching the video.

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