Top 5 Quick Tips for Migrating to the Cloud

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While moving to the cloud seems like an easy task that will take place overnight, it should be known that a laid out plan could save you a serious headache. We have come up with the top 5 simple tips and tricks for migrating to the cloud to get your data and/or apps over to a cloud server the most efficient and easiest way.

  1. Choose the right cloud service.

    You must first choose a cloud service that is right for you and right for how, when and where you plan to access your data. There are countless cloud services out there, and a simple Google search should do the trip to sift through many of the popular ones. Choose one that is economical but also fits your needs on your space and accessibility.

  2. Form a game plan and make sure it is complete.

    The very next thing to do before moving over to the cloud is to decide what applications to move over along with all stand-alone apps, documents, and media content including pictures and videos. Get a list of those on papers or in a document first and then start moving things over to the applicable cloud service.

  3. Monitor your apps from the very start.

    Many times when people first move apps or data over to the cloud they seem to forget about what they moved over. Keep track of what documents and apps you have moved through various tools provide by cloud services. Additionally, keep track of organizing your information locally on your computer within folders or whatever type of organization works easiest for you. There is nothing like deleting data locally on your computer to find out later it was never moved over to the cloud for backup or future access.

  4. Think about security – as much as you can.

    Keeping your data secure is a given or the whole “move to the cloud” idea won’t work for you as you could be putting your identity at risk by leaving your personal files or apps open for others to access. Familiarize yourself with ALL security features of your cloud service. Moreover, it is a good idea to make sure your connection with your cloud service is secure. It won’t hurt to ask questions with your cloud service provider whenever you are not certain something is secure or not.

  5. Don’t keep it all to yourself.

    With a large amount of data or information on something like a home computer, work computer, or business/company network, it is prudent that others who should have access to the cloud service are also able to access such without delay. Having a redundancy of access within an office or home infrastructure will ensure all data or apps can be access or run when someone is not available to allow entry. You never know when someone may become sick or cannot provide access to the cloud where all of the important stuff is stored or needs to be access via an app. Additionally, consulting partners are available to retain access just in case.

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