Virus spreads via Man to Computer [Video]

Posted on May 25, 2010 by .

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A scientist has ‘infected’ himself with a computer virus.

After corrupting a small electronic chip with malware, British scientist Dr. Mark Gasson became the first human to become infected with a computer virus after he inserted the device into his hand and was able to pass on the virus to external systems.

Dr Gasson, who works at the University of Reading, says he chip itself uses a technology called RFID to send information back and forth. This allows Dr. Gasson to gain access to the campus via security doors while also activating his cell phone without touching it.

This may sound odd and futuristic but the technology has already been around for years. One example includes an application which allows one to pay for drinks in upscale nightclubs. The concept addresses some of the issues we will soon face because implantable electronics is becoming more prevalent and mainstream.

Dr. Gasson admits that the self-infection is “proof of principle” but warns that hackers could go after your pacemaker. He says the risks grow even more severe as medical implant technology becomes more sophisticated.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of Dr. Gasson’s so-called infection:

Fear-mongering or an important warning as we move ever closer to the age of mainstream cybernetics? Let us know your thoughts below:

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