Wearable Tech at CES 2014 Making a Splash with Smart TVs coming in Second Place

Posted on January 08, 2014 by .

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Las Vegas is heating up with the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show this week and wearable tech seems to have made somewhat of a splash, or at least a ripple, for many onlookers this year.

Wearable tech devices, from smart watches to Google glass, naturally make sense when you consider how many devices we tote around on a daily basis. Each year there is something that people want to get into that is fresh, hot and makes you all giddy. It is possible one day we would be able to wear our PC in some form. After all, google glass is pretty close to that reality.

Cnet’s Dan Ackerman in the interview video below runs down a few wearable tech devices that stood out and explains how effective they are expected to be.

Tech giants such as LG and Sony and smaller companies like Pebble are getting into the wearable tech devices game and seem to have gained the interest and following of some. As far as that momentum built up will last, it has yet to be seen.

The second hottest tech at CES 2014 seems to be smart TVs with the latest tech really pushing 4K sets to new levels along with bendable (curved) display TVs. Self-driving cars was also a notable item to get people talking at CES 2014.

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