Microsoft’s Windows 10 Default Browser gets ‘Edged’ by Google Chrome

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Microsoft touts Windows 10 as a revolutionary update for PCs across the globe. While that has yet to be proven, Windows 10 is steadily growing and winning over the hearts of nearly 7% of computer users around the world. What Microsoft didn’t see was that their Edge web browser, the default browser bundled with Windows 10, is being edged out by Google Chrome, which has taken a 70% use rate for PC users.

Microsoft has always been on the ‘edge’ when it comes to the infamous Internet Explorer web browser and we can sit here and devolve on the reasons for that until the sun goes down or comes up, whichever is the longest time from now.

In some of the latest Quantcast numbers, a company that measures web traffic at more than 100 million websites, data reveals that Google’s Chrome browser accounts for 63% of all internet activity. Edge has failed to overcome a hurdle with Google Chrome on the scene being the dominating web browser for everyone, even on mobile devices.

Edge has certainly grown with the emergence of Windows 10 showing that about 15% of all web traffic comes from those running the new operating system. Though, Edge is only responsible for a fraction of those folks running Windows 10 proving how Google Chrome is the dominating means for Windows 10 users to hit the Internet.

To throw other web browsers into the mix and compare them to Microsoft Edge, Mozilla’s Firefox accounts for more activity on Windows 10 than Edge. Funny enough to claim, but Internet Explorer has a small share of under 5% on Windows 10 when looking deep into the Quantcast data numbers.

Quantcast’s Web browser market share chart for Windows 10 users
Edge’s portion of the total Windows 10 browser share (blue line) spiked when the new OS launched in late July, but declined soon after to hover around the 12% mark. Google’s Chrome (red line) remained the top browser dog on Windows 10.

One could conclude that Edge is having a hard time getting off of the launch pad. Furthermore, with Edge being the out-of-the-box default browser for Windows 10, users are purposely taking action to choose another browser, mostly Google Chrome, over Edge and the default settings of a fresh copy of Windows 10. In every Windows 10 upgrade from either Windows 7 or 8.1, Edge is swapped out to be the default browser. With the alleged lackluster performance of Edge, users are turning away, fast.

There have been numerous issues floating around about Edge on various forums from issues with the browser freezing to it not being able to load some well-known web pages. There are always initial issues for new software, but Microsoft has probably put the fate of Edge in serious jeopardy and may not gain traction anytime soon for improvement.

What is your web browser choice? Why did you choose that web browser?

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